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Paolo Nutini - '10/10'

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Fraser McAlpine | 12:44 UK time, Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Paolo Nutini

Even if you don't think you've heard this song, you probably have. It has already been used to sell sofas, soundtracked various television montages (usually of cheery people all pulling together to achieve a difficult job in trying circumstances) and various chirpy promotional trails on TV and radio. It's not quite up there with the FloMash cover of 'You Got The Love' - which has been overused a tiny smidge, it's fair to say - but it's heading out that way.

Incidentally, has anyone else noticed that Florence changed the title of the song from the slangy, gutteral 'You Got The Love' to the grammatically correct, prim 'You've Got The Love'? Frankly, I'm surprised she allowed the apostrophe to stand. If we're going for absolute textbook grammar, it should be 'You Have Got The Love', with maybe a 'Yours Sincerely, Florence' at the end.

(There is no video. This is the single release equivalent of one last smooch at the end of the night, while the chairs are being stacked away.)

Now, when it comes to dad-friendly, non-edgy, feelgood ska-based music like this, the battle lines are so firmly entrenched and well drawn that you can buy scrolls detailing where the main trenches are...made out of parchment, and prevented from unrolling with a blob of sealing wax.

The strange thing is, we're living through a time where the idea of 'good' or 'bad' taste in music as an absolute thing is on the wane. The incredible variety of ways in which it is possible to experience music, talk about music and generally think about music has left everyone basically adopting a buffet approach to selecting tunes. It's not about everyone going for the meatiest thing on the table and sneering at the salad, it's about picking the bits you personally like, and not worrying if the person next to you chooses something else.

Can you tell I'm writing this from a position of being mocked for allowing myself to be won over by the charms of Paolo's second album? Mocked by people who were perhaps a little irritated by 'Pencil Full Of Lead', despite its heartwarming charms and nudgewink innuendo? Defensive? Me?

Well, stuff it. This sounds like an old ska tune by Prince Buster. I think it's good fun, but I would probably not miss it if it mysteriously fell off the album and something else which sounds like Prince Buster popped up instead.

Now, who'd like a scotch egg?

Three starsDownload: Out now
CD Released: January 11th
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