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I Blame Coco ft. Robyn - 'Caesar'

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Fraser McAlpine | 11:19 UK time, Thursday, 28 January 2010

I Blame Coco ft Robyn

Oh lawks. There's just so much stuff around this record which we are just going to have to get through, stuff which has very little to do with the music itself. Trouble is, without careful handling, it's entirely possible that the song is just gonna disappear in a puff of celebrity association smoke.

Which would be a shame, so here's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna condense all of the extra-curricular reasons why Coco Sumner's name or face might ring a bell into one concentrated gossbullet, which I then fire into the middle of this review. Then it gets all of that other stuff out of the way in a relatively painless STING'S DAUGHTER/SPECIAL FRIEND OF PETE DOHERTY/BURBERRY MODEL/EXTRA IN THE MOVIE STARDUST way and we can settle down to enjoy her lovely tune.

OK? Let's get to it.

(No video. Sweary. )

Of course, some of these associations are pretty hard to avoid. I mean it's definitely possible to hear something of the old man's way of phrasing words in Coco's singing. That not-quite-Jamaican twang which used to drive all the reggae purists bonkers when the Police first started is clearly a hereditary trait. Which kind of proves that he wasn't putting it on, if nothing else.

Anyway, she's also got a grain of dad's smoky husk in her throat, although her voice is low and cool where his tends towards the high and excitable. This means she's got poise, and a certain haughty demeanour, so that she can sell a line like "it's The Lord Of The Flies all over again" without coming across as an unbearably pretentious swot.

What she needs though, is someone warm and human to hide behind while she's lobbing her snoot-bombs at The Powers That Be. This is what Robyn is for. And what's interesting is that even though it is Coco's song, it is Robyn - quiet timid little Robyn - who totally OWNS it. Without her cool passion and soaring melody in the chorus, it'd just be a fairly polished trustafarian rouse-rabbler.

As it is, we have a definite hit on our hands, even if it does further muddy the waters on the thorny question of whether it's Coco or her celebrity contacts who are the more interesting.

Four starsDownload: Out now
CD Released: February 1st
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(Fraser McAlpine)



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