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Leona Lewis - 'Happy'

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Vicki Vicki | 10:07 UK time, Sunday, 8 November 2009

Leona Lewis

When Fraser asked me to review Leona Lewis' new single 'Happy', I thought he was having me on. No, I actually did. Because seriously, when has the word 'happy' EVER been associated with a Leona Lewis song??

Well, it turns out it wasn't, and still isn't, a joke (something I'm quite grateful for, cos I would have had to seriously re-evaluate Fraser's practical joke skills if it had been). For a brief moment, I got a bit excited. Has Leona gone all Alphabeat? Has she blown her 'I'm boring and have no personality' facade out the water? Has she finally decided she's HAPPY with her worldwide domination?

Has she heck. Guys, this is LEONA we're talking about. Only she could make being pleased sound like a chore...

(Here's the video. She does look stunning it is true and I love, love the story line)

The song is pretty much exactly what anyone would have expected from her comeback - it's good, it's strong but oh, it's just that little bit boring. Think you haven't heard it yet? Trust me, you have, it's the one you wrote off as a poor man's 'Bleeding Love'. That's not to say though that it isn't good in parts, because it REALLY is. One of those parts is obviously her voice, which really is flipping incredible and manages to convey her emotion beautifully - that bit where she sings really high? Actual goosebumps. Then there's the chorus: it's big, it's epic and it's catchy and it makes an otherwise aimlessly meandering song stand out. Oh and that "don't say victim" bit is great, managing to sound oddly vulnerable but strong at the same time.

And so on to the 'happy' thing. Well, the video is tragic, the feel of the song is tragic and the lyrics are tra... oh, actually wait, the lyrics aren't too tragic. Yes, they're about how bad the world can be and how you have to fight the bad in order to feel okay, and yes there is none of this actual 'feeling okay' in the song, but there's a sense of positiveness that comes in the form of that fighting spirit; the strength. Okay, so I had to do my own form of fighting to get to the remotely positive angle, but still. It's there. And I feel I have achieved something by discovering it. In fact, I feel a bit happy...

So anyway, now I'm off to ask Fraser to review the new song by The Jonas Brothers. It's a cover of 'Sex on the Beach'.

Three starsDownload: Out now
CD Released: November 2nd
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