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Chipmunk - 'Oopsy Daisy'

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Fraser McAlpine | 12:47 UK time, Friday, 2 October 2009


You've got to hand it to Chipmunk, there aren't many rappers who can stand out for having particularly strong self-confidence, in a field which is dominated by mirror-kissing loudmouths. Rappers are the only people in the world who, if history was run again from the start, would've invented a soft drink with their name on it before fire. And yet, there's something about this dapper chap's particular form of audacity which never really comes across like proper arrogance.

It's almost as if he is too well-mannered to be out-and-out cocky, and would never stoop to claiming to be the best rapper in the world ever, because that would be vulgar, and in any case, you already know it, right?

(Here's the video. Best Bit: When he's in the ring of fire and she sings "destruction like fire all around you" and he points to the fire which is literally all around him. IT'S NOT JUST A METAPHOR!!)

For his latest, the Chipster is sad because he has been hurt by a girl. The way he gets this across is to play some contemplative piano, and to get a lady singer to sing "I'm a walking disaster" and "all I'll do is hurt you again", so he doesn't come across as being some emotionless thug who'd dump a girl for wearing the wrong shade of lipstick. It's HER FAULT, ACTUALLY.

There's a brilliant mis-heard lyric moment in the second verse. Chippy's pleading for calm, trying to have a rational conversation with his girl about his true feelings, which are very hurt, and what he says is this:

"See the fussing and fighting, lets not. Before I see red, lets stop."

Unfortunately, to these ears it sounds like this:

"See the fussing and fighting, lets not. Before I see red leicester", as if Chipmunk's worst nightmare is to get so angry that he begins to hallucinate cheese.

Naturally, once the idea is in your head, it won't come out, so now, even though the rest of the song is a reasonably balanced, tender and well-argued re-working of Britney's 'Oops I Did It Again' with the added perspective of the fella she did it again to...I'm stuck with my mental image of Chipmunk rubbing his teary eyes, to try and clear his vision of imaginary snacks.

It's crackers! What a pickle! Baked Potato! etc etc

Four starsDownload: October 4th
CD Released: October 5th
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(Fraser McAlpine)



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