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Wale ft. Lady GaGa - 'Chillin'

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Fraser McAlpine | 16:47 UK time, Thursday, 3 September 2009


Dear Mrs Lady GaGa,

My name is Wale and I am a rapper. I have just written a really good new song that I would like you to sing on. Let me tell you a little bit about it and then maybe you would like to help me out.

It starts with a bit of that "nah nah hey hey goodbye" song from the '60s. The one that Bananarama did a cover of. And then it's basically a really stripped-back beat - boomy bass drum and synth-claps - for your bits, and some twiddly synthesizers for the verses, and more samples of that song as a sort of chorus, so that no-one gets bored. The verses are my bits.

I am definitely going to do some brilliant rapping. I am a good rapper, so you do not need to worry about that side of things.I shall explain what my name is, and then talk about things which I have got, in comparison with things that other people have got. I'm going to come out of it looking pretty good, I can tell you.

(Here's the video I would like to make. I will have a very big wardrobe trailer for it.)

There will be a bit where it sounds like I'm suggesting I like to drink cold tea, but only if it's PG Tips. I'm not really saying that at all. That would be weird!

Anyway, then what I want you to do is sing a bit, in the gaps between the verses. I've got some words ready and they're about how brilliant it is to swank around town being all famous and stuff.

The tricky bit is that I really wanted the singer M.I.A. to do your bits. I even mention her in one of my rappy bits. But I can't find her phone number anywhere and she doesn't seem to be on Twitter or Facebook. So would you mind singing as much like her as possible? That would be brilliant.

I know you are definitely more famouser than she is, but I really like her stuff, so if you wouldn't mind indulging me, I would be ever so grateful. I am sure that you will do a good job.

Thank you for your time,

Yours sincerely


PS: I know Mark Ronson. Does this help?

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CD Released: August 31st
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(Fraser McAlpine)



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