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Tommy Sparks - 'She's Got Me Dancing'

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Fraser McAlpine | 10:04 UK time, Saturday, 2 May 2009

Tommy SparksAh, the joys of simple, well-made pop music. Never too clever, never too stupid. Never self-pitying, over-sensitive or weedy, never worried about longevity or the future. And the best songs are rooted in the one glorious second where the world finally, after years of heartache and painful rubbish nonsense, makes total sense, for the first time ever.

It's the moment where the heavy scales of harsh reality tumble from your eyes, and the concrete yoke of stress slips from your shoulders. Pop is always thrusting its sexy, giggly, frivolous self at grumpy old rocksnobs before whizzing off into the night in search of bigger mirrorballs, brighter spotlights and louder nightclubs...because it deserves to let its hair down, dammit.

Tommy Sparks knows this better than most, as a man whose previous chief claim to fame was playing stand-in bass for Bloc Party, a band who, for all their sonic innovation and ghost-faced thrillers, are not very pop.

(Here's the video. In which some disintegrated space-weirdos are resurrected by a tubby man's laser nipples. No, really!)

Can you imagine Kele and co coming out with a great big cheesy disco funk-off like this? Dirty, messy, squelchy and rude, it arrives via a synth-riff that Tommy has clearly bashed out with his fists, before suddenly taking a cockeyed swagger into clipped, Talking Heads-style funky pop via the Chili Peppers' (amazing, by the way) 'Rollercoaster Of Love'.

Lyrically, there's some woman who seems to be stuck with a bunch of problems, and this eats into her valuable dancing time (I *think*). To cheer her up, our Tom suggests a spot of rug-cutting. Five minutes later, he finds himself on a dance-floor, enjoying himself, probably to a song which is either this song or as good as this song, without even realising that he was in the mood for a bit of a bop too.

That sudden self-consciousness, where poor Tommy worries that he might be making a bit of an doofus of himself, but he's only trying to be helpful, and in any case he can't seem to stop his body moving to that crazy beat, is very pop too.

After all, you've got to let go of your cool to have fun. Give it a try, rocksnobs!

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CD Released: May 4th
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(Fraser McAlpine)



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