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The ChartBlog Slightly Annoying Email Questionnaire - Jason Mraz

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Fraser McAlpine | 17:54 UK time, Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Jason Mraz

Gather round boys and girls, it's time for Jason Mraz to entertain us with his wit, wisdom and wondrous wavy hair. Now, as you will all be aware, it's been ages since we forced asked anyone to fill in The ChartBlog Slightly Annoying Email Questionnaire, and there's a really good reason for this, it is, after all, slightly annoying, and some rock stars look a bit tasty, if you know what I mean. No point in getting on their nerves, unless they're slightly annoying themselves, in which case it's an evenly matched contest.

That said, it's always nice when someone takes the time to fill the thing in properly. You will notice that Jason has approached each question (bar one, and that's not even really a question) with far more respect and diligence that an annoying email questionnaire deserves, and for this we should all thank him.


QUESTION 1: Where are you (as this is email, feel free to lie if you are somewhere dull)?
JASON: Yea... I'm in Lille. A charmingly modern city in Northern France. Apparently it rains here 364 days a year. Luckily we got the one sunny day.

QUESTION 2: What are you doing (see question 1)?
JASON: I'm typing this out for you.

QUESTION 3: Tell us all about your new product...
JASON: Well, I've been imagining the perfect almond butter and banana cream pie. This will be another fabulous entry into the cook book of my dreams. So technically it's not yet a physical product, but it is a new idea. Otherwise, there's the album 'We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things' that everybody is raving about.

QUESTION 4: How long did it take you to type the answer to question 3?
JASON: 3-and-a-half minutes!

QUESTION 5: Really? Did it require any specialist training?
JASON: No. in fact, just recently I learned I didn't have to look at my fingers anymore when I typed. It's another benchmark for me on the path to correspondence court.

QUESTION 6: Are you looking forward to a future where computers can just read your brainwaves rather than expecting you to use a keypad?
JASON: Kind of. Except I'd been worried that my brainwaves would be hacked into and then the public would find out that the only thing on my mind, ever, is the sound of blowing raspberries.

QUESTION 7: What would you like to be wearing right now?
JASON: A Wet Suit.

QUESTION 8: And what are you actually wearing?
JASON: A Birthday Suit.

QUESTION 9: What would you like the next person you see to be wearing?
JASON: A sign that says 'Repent Now - The end of the global marketplace is nigh'. With a chicken on their head for emphasis.

QUESTION 10: Why do you think Donald Duck wears a tunic but no trousers?
JASON: T'was the hand that Drew the Donald that made kinky the wee man-duck.

QUESTION 11: What musical training do you have? Do you play any interesting instruments?
JASON: I've always learned by watching other people play. Therefore I everything I know I stole. But by taking on new approaches, you find what works best for your fingers and your fleeting thoughts. In my next life I want to come back as a drummer and a champion ballroom dancer.

QUESTION 12: If you and your most musical mates all had your instruments in front of you right now, but were instructed to play a song, any song, right now without conferring, what would it be?
JASON: 'Anything you Want'. It a new song we did with the Wailers and we're loving playing it on the road.

QUESTION 13: Now be honest, did you cheat on question 12?
JASON: Nope. Everybody out here is very chilled therefore the reggae always gets the vote.

QUESTION 14: What was the last thing you posted on your own message board?
JASON: I keep my own blog at freshnessfactorfivethousand.blogspot.com. I like having only one central place for posting. I'm not a multi-headed social networker.

QUESTION 15: That's nice...
JASON: ...

QUESTION 16: Does this little bit of admin make you yearn for a simpler life without personal assistants?
JASON: God is my personal assistant.

QUESTION 17: One of the answers to these questions won't be interesting enough. Which one would you like to change?
JASON: Question 1. Where are you? In my dressing room backstage at the Zenith in Lille. Classic Michael Jackson is on the radio and there's a jar full of sweet gherkins with my name on it.


Well come on, say "thank you"...

Jason Mraz's new single 'Make It Mine' is out on April 13th.

Jason Mraz is also available in website form...
And BBC Music form...


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