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Ciara ft. Justin Timberlake - 'Love Sex Magic'

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Vicki Vicki | 10:02 UK time, Thursday, 16 April 2009

Ciara & JustinWARNING: this is a sexy song. A VERY sexy song. In fact, this song is so sexy, I'm pretty sure it should come with a rating that says you need parental guidance. Not that you'd want to listen to this song with your parents. At all. Ever. After all, this is the kind of song that'd make you die a little bit inside if you heard your parents singing along to it (especially if they're singing my friend Grant's version, which contains the somewhat more Jo Bro-friendly lyrics "love and sex and marriage").

Bearing all this in mind, is it any surprise then that Justin Timberlake is involved?

(No, is the answer in case you didn't get where I was going with that.)

You can just imagine the planning meeting:

Ciara: So, what're we gonna write a song about, Justin?
JT: Sex?
Ciara: Hey, hey, we could do a song about being like a boy? That did well last time, even though Beyonce stole my idea...
JT: Or we could do one about sex?
Ciara: Or maybe we could do a song about love?
JT: Sexy love?
Ciara: Or, hey! I've got it; we could do a song about MAGIC! There'd be a magician and, and...
JT: Sexy magic?
Ciara: No, no. Just normal magic. There'd be a rabbit...
JT: A sexy rabbit?
Ciara: And a top hat...
JT: I'm bringing sexy hat?
Ciara: JUSTIN!
JT: Justin? JUST IN? Phwooar! SEXY!
Ciara: Oh, FINE; we'll do a song about sex.
JT: That's a great idea!!
Ciara: Argghh! That's fine, we'll just forget my great ideas about love or magic...
JT: Love, magic.... And sex?
Ciara: [Sighing] Yes, Justin. We'll do a song about love, magic and sex.
JT: Sexcellent.

(Here's the video. Guess what? Sexy.)

Indeed, for a song that merely 'features' Justin Timberlake, there's something very JT about the vibe and the way that his vocals carry the whole thing; so it comes as no surprise to learn that he co-wrote and co-produced the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, Ciara's great. She brings a Janet Jackson-fronting-the-Pussycat Dolls feel to the song (a collaboration I'd pay a LOT of money to see) and while she's not the most amazing singer in the world, her voice really suits this in a way that lends itself to, and compliments, Justin's. In fact, this song oozes chemistry (or do I mean biology?).

Make no mistake though: it is also ridiculous (I mean "and I'll be flowing and going/till clothing disappears, ain't nothing but shoes on me"? Really??). And the video's even worse. It makes a point of explaining what the song's about, y'know, just in case we didn't get it.

But as ridiculous as it is, it's got a seriously sexy, funky bass line and it's got a sense of electro R&B, which creates a kinda old school feel. The melody itself is simple enough and while the verse isn't particularly memorable, the chorus is catchy in a way that makes you feel you've heard this song a billion times before, in a good way. You'll be singing along to the chorus before your first listen is over.

All in all, this song is pretty fun. Yes, it's not going to be remembered forever, but right now there's something quite refreshing about it all. And it definitely deserves points for managing to steer clear of any obscenities but still be unbelievably saucy at all times.

Let's just hope our parents never get to hear it.

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