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Chart Report - 22/03/09 (With DVD Extras)

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Fraser McAlpine | 12:23 UK time, Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Reggie, Fearne and Ronan

It's been a busy weekend here in Chartland, there's a new No.1, people have been popping in to the show, and there's been an attempted gossip trade-off between two Top 40 acts which, to be frank, possibly did not result in the amazement avalanche that it could have.

But that's entirely fine, because look! It's Ronan! Fresh from his mountainous adventures and sitting pretty at the very peak of the album charts, which is the best possible way to avoid whatever the opposite of altitude sickness is, although probably quite a difficult one for the non-pop star to achieve.

Here he is chatting to Fearne and Reggie about getting over the Comic Relief thing, and why he released that special album for Mother's Day.


Meanwhile, Franz Ferdinand are on the phone, and they're feeling frisky. Here's Fearne & Reggie having a right old squee-fest with Alex Kapranos about Comic Relief, Tom Jones's beard, and why La Roux would need to take a tailor to the toilet with her.


And, as you'll know if you already listened to the Franz interview, here's La Roux herself. Apparently her hairspray needs aren't as severe as Alex claims, but only when she's not at work. Oh, and THAT rumour about her mum turns out to be entirely true.

Also contains advice on how to be a pop star. Lily Allen, you don't need to listen to that bit.


Finally, because you KNOW you want it...here's Top 5 High 5...

Top 5 High 5

And here's the Top 5 in talkywording form..

1: Lady GaGa - 'Poker Face'
2: Flo Rida - 'Right Round'
3: Nessa Jenkins, Bryn West, Tom Jones & Robyn Gibb - 'Islands In The Stream'
4: The Saturdays - 'I Just Can't Get Enough'
5: Taylor Swift - 'Love Story'

Usual rules apply. High five the screen if you approve, slap the faces of the people you don't like if you don't. And then put either High Five! or Denied! in the comments box, depending on how you feel.


Download the Radio 1 Chart Show Podcast - With Fearne & Reggie
Or listen again to the entire show!


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