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This Week's Chart Show (With DVD Extras)

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Fraser McAlpine | 15:21 UK time, Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Lily Allen

On this week's Radio 1 Chart Show, Fearne and Reggie had some quality time with Tommy Reilly - the winner of Channel 4's T4 Unsigned Band TV talent show - and Lily Allen.

That's right, Lily Allen! The same Lily Allen who appears to have some kind of single out. A single she would probably like us all to buy.

Maybe she should have told someone, and tried to get on a couple of TV shows or something. Done a few interviews, met the press, that kind of thing. I mean, without this kind of valuable exposure, people might not realise she is back, and that would never do.

Only kidding, she has clearly done enough - a No.1 hit single, no less - and should maybe consider a snooze. Still, it's no wonder that when she spoke to Fearne and Reggie on this week's chart show, the first answer she gave to the question "what do you normally get up to on a Sunday?"was "work".


Tommy Reilly

The best bit is around the 2 mins 40 mark, where everyone suddenly seems to forget who they are, what they are doing, and why they are doing it. This is the effect Tommy's quirky charisma seems to have on people.


For more Radio 1 Chart Show gubbins, including a special report from Jay Sean, download the podcast...


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