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Taylor Swift... The Interview!

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Vicki Vicki | 11:14 UK time, Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift is seriously hot news right now. Like, seriously. Already an absolute MEGASTAR in the USA (she broke records by having two different albums in the Top 10 on the year end album chart), Taylor's had cameos in CSI and Hannah Montana, been linked to Joe Jonas (of Jo Bro fame), is best buds with a certain Miss Miley Cyrus and, if all that's not enough, she's about to take the UK completely by storm.

I had the pleasure of chatting to Taylor about all sorts of Absolutely Essential things, such as Grey's Anatomy, trivia quizzes, ukuleles and favourite jokes. So read on, read on... because in a few months time, this is the stuff you'll be dying to know about the world's biggest star.


Brrrring, brrring (that's the telephone ringing)
Taylor: Hello?

Taylor! So, here you are, in the UK. Have you got three things that you love most about being over here?
Taylor: Number One: fans that make creative signs. Number Two: TopShop [she said this, not us!]. Number Three would be... the cute accents. I love being over here, the fans are amazing, everybody just seems to have such an appreciation for music.

Aw, you flatter us. Your new single, 'Love Song', is gorgeous. What do you love about the song?
Taylor: It's crazy because I just found out it's the number one pop song in the US this morning! It's a song I wrote sat on my bedroom floor. When I write songs, I never know what's going to end up happening to them, I don't know if they'll end up being shelved, or if they'll end up being a number one song. So to see [Love Song] go to number one, and now be released over here... it's crazy.

Tell us more about the song.
Taylor: I wrote the song about a guy I wasn't dating, but I liked him and kinda thought we were gonna start dating. For the first time in my life my family and my friends didn't approve of him, they thought he was a bad guy; they were like "there's something about him, we don't approve." [Because of this] I was able to relate to the whole Romeo and Juliet situation, so I sat down and wrote that song.

Isn't that Miley's boyfriend in the video to 'Love Song'? How did that work out? Any best friend type jealousy?
Taylor: Oh, yeah! Actually, I knew him before she did.

Did you introduce them?
Taylor: No... I can't take credit for that! But I definitely met him before I knew that they were friends.

If you were really in your own love story, who would you have star opposite you?
Taylor: Henry Cavill, from The Tudors.

Are you actually swift (as in, fast) at anything? I.e. Running, swimming, writing your name backwards...
Taylor: I'm not fast at running. I'm not fast at any kind of sports. I'm pretty fast at Trivia Games.

Got a specialist subject?
Taylor: Usually movies, TV Shows, anything celebrity related. Also, I'm pretty fast at signing my autograph!

I suppose you'd have to be. So come on then, tell us: what's your favourite EVER joke?
Taylor: My favourite kind of jokes are [...] those situational conversations. Like, last night on Grey's Anatomy there was this girl and her Dad came in and she was like "Daddy!", then Cristina was talking to Meredith later and Meredith was like, "What's wrong with the patient?" and Cristina goes, "Well, first of all, she calls her Dad, 'Daddy'!" (laughs) So funny.

Do you play any random instruments?
Taylor: Ukulele. I learnt to play in Hawaii.

So, you're a superstar now. What's the most popstar-ish thing you've done?
Taylor: I bought Christian Louboutin heels. I wear them with almost everything in the winter. But they're like really nice boots! So I splurged... and that's my one popstar moment.

Everyone thinks they know everything about you because you're always in the limelight, but is there anything people might be surprised to know?
Taylor: Well... I kind of share everything! (laughs) I always forget to take off my make up off at night. I'm really lazy and sometimes I have my make up on for three days straight.

And, finally, what are your five favourite songs at the moment?
Taylor: 1. Katy Perry - 'Thinking of You'
2. Kings of Leon - 'Closer'
3. Metrostation - 'Now that we're done'
4. HelloGoodbye - 'Here in your Arms'
5. Faith Hill - 'Breathe'


So there you have it! Taylor Swift's new single, 'Love Story', is out 2nd March. Watch the video here (it's totally stunning, the kind of thing everyone wants to be in).

Oh, oh, oh... and Taylor Swift was on Switch with Annie and Nick on Sunday, watch THAT video here.


* The bit about you never hearing of her, not the bit about your age or country. That would be pretty hard to change.


  • Comment number 1.

    Awwww, Taylor and I share three favourite songs! :P

  • Comment number 2.

    maybe im bein totally blind, but what does the wee asterix at the bottom tie in to?

  • Comment number 3.

    I agree with RedDevilsGal...and also, Taylor Swift sounds genuinely nice!

  • Comment number 4.

    Hahahaha! Oh that was my mistake. How embarrassing. I wrote something about how 'you might not have heard of Taylor if you're not from the USA or under the age of 19, but that's about to change'

    Except I decided to get rid of that bit last minute.


    Fraser really shouldn't leave me to do things on my own!

    But yeah, she was lovely actually. Really up for answering everything. Although the whole time I was thinking of a scene from Katie and Peter (yeah, that's right, best show ever), when Katie's doing phone interviews and pulling faces/silently swearing at the phone and the interviewers...

    Luckily, I think Taylor was too sweet to do that! I hope.

  • Comment number 5.

    Haha, If I were you that'd put me right off doing phone interviews. I'd be too paranoid.

    Katie Price: Comedy gold!

  • Comment number 6.

    I like the way you had to put the fact that the 'brrring brrring' bit at the begining was a phone. It isn't like she picked up and you suddenly went brrring at her, is it? 'Caus that would be creepy and slightly odd and I don't think that she would appreciate that, no matter how 'cute' your accent is!!!
    She is awesome though and she has an amazing singing voice, but her knowing Miley AND JoBro? Isn't that a coincidence or is it a secret underground plot to TAKE OVER MUSIC!?!

  • Comment number 7.

    Thanks for sharing the phone interview...Its amazing the impact Taylor has made on the UK these past few weeks and the first Country Crossover artist to be on both the Radio 2 and Radio 1 "A" Playlists. Its suddenly COOL to Like Country here in the UK ?!

    I think there is going to be a COVER Feature on Taylor in the April edition of UK publication MAVERICK magazine. The current issue has a Full Back page advert for the 'Fearless' CD

    Most of Taylor's UK Fans probably haven't discovered her via dedicated Country Music Shows? Or have you? Radio 2 DJ Alex Lester has consistently played her over the last year or so before people knew of her.

    We do have some fine young talent of our own in the UK making original music. Please do check out Country Soul singer Lucie Diamond on her myspace. She and Taylor have met in downtown Nashville a few years ago. Maybe Taylors fans can become Lucie fans too ?

  • Comment number 8.

    Lucie Diamond who I mentioned website is

    Also forgot to say it was great to see Taylor on BBC Breakfast . Saying that she started loving Country Music when she heard Shania Twain and it made her fall for that kind of music.

    Regarding genres , Taylor is classified as "Country Crossover" but does all this Pigeon-holing really matter ? If the music is good who cares?...Liked this quote by Taylor "You know as far as genre, I don’t want to sit down and write a song I don’t think, this needs to be more country, this needs to more pop because I think that turns music into a science"

    Full BBC Breakfast interview here:

    It looks like Talyor's second date at Shepherd's Bush has sold out? Next time it may need to be the O2 Arena !
    Anyone know where the UK Festival is in August she's playing?

  • Comment number 9.

    Thanks Andy. I think you probably already know the answer to that last question.

    *cough* streetteam *cough*

  • Comment number 10.

    Hi I haven't found the Festival yet? Nothing on Taylors website? She mentioned coming back in August to the UK on the BBC Breakfast Show.

    Is it not confirmed ?

  • Comment number 11.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 12.

    THere seems to be a lot of these 'girls who play guitar' acts coming in to the UK from England, not saying it's a bad thing... as long as its tasteful. She seems to be ok, after reading this interview i took a look at the track love song on you tube seems to be ok... nice girl...

    we need more UK talent!
    [Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator]


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