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Extremely Late Christmas Leftovers...

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Fraser McAlpine | 15:09 UK time, Thursday, 8 January 2009

Yes, yes, so twelfth night has been and gone, all the decorations are down and we're stuck in the middle of what feels like another ice age (only without the cartoon sloth). But what if there was a lost festive nugget from the pre-Christmas age that you should really unwrap, but you'd only just found it down the back of the virtual tree?

That's right, you just tear off the paper and get stuck in, right?

This is what it sounds like when Fearne and Reggie from the Radio 1 Chart Show give each other (and producer Laura) presents while the Sugababes rehearse an acoustic version of a Christmas favourite in the background. It manages to contain things which are both sublime AND ridiculous.

It's up to you to decide which is which...


Fearne and Reggie are attempting to talk to the technicians in the BBC's Maida Vale studios, where the Sugababes are. They are NOT claiming to be made of ale. That would be very messy.

That's right, Reggie got a knee-mug for Christmas.

This little slice of audio magic was not created using clever studio trickery (beyond the clever studio trickery used to record it in the first place). Quite why anyone would waste their time faking up the sound of Reggie grunting in the style of what I like to call 'The Rapper's Agreement'* is beyond me, but it's best to be clear.

The Bespoke gift Fearne got Reg is a keyring in the shape of a luminous gun.

Although you can't hear it happen, Fearne did get some presents too. Reg got her a cake dish in the shape of a skull, for gothic birthday parties.


*'The Rapper's Agreement' - the positive noises made by a rapper when a song has begun but there is no rapping required as yet. Commonly features the words "yeah!", "uh!" and "uhuh!"


  • Comment number 1.

    WOW! They are some of the best rappers ever! And over Sugarbabes? Pure Genius. Reggie could go into buisness with his 'uhuh!' and 'yeah!'. Of course, everything i just said was sarcastic but it was still and awsome clip. Thank you chartblog.


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