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Akon, Reggie and Perfect Egg-Rolls

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Fraser McAlpine | 17:53 UK time, Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Akon & Reggie & Egg Roll

It's a very simple formula for radio magic, just take one silver-tongued presenter, add a cocky pop star with a bag full of food, and throw in a bunch of irreverent questions. And yet - as this chat between Reggie Yates and the mighty Akon proves - it's also a startlingly effective one.

Am I mistaken, or is Mr Reg perhaps a little excited to be speaking to such a major showbiz player? Maybe he was just hungry...

Listen to the interview right here.

These are my personal highlights:

Highlight One
Reggie: "When did music get in the way of brain surgery?"

Highlight Two
Akon: "You do 12 years of high school..."
(If only because it would mean another nine High School Musical films)

Highlight Three
Reggie: "'Scuse me, Loverman..."


Akon is also available in website form...


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