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Basshunter - 'I Miss You'

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Fraser McAlpine | 09:36 UK time, Friday, 12 December 2008

Basshunter - 'I Miss You'Should an alien spaceship decide to land on Earth between now and Easter, and demand to know what this strange frequency-manipulated sound phenomena called 'popular music' is, and how it works, it might be worth playing them this song. And no, not because we want to start an inter-planetary war right away. We've got Rick Astley for that, after all.

No, the reason why this song could be in the running where a bigger (and, let's be frank, BETTER) one may lose out, is because of the way it manages to condense many different musical threads within a short space of time. It could act as a kind of contents page for contemporary music, so that our nine-fingered snot-beast guests will be able to identify which sound they identify with the best, and then music experts can go off and fetch more music which suits their purple palate.

For example, a romantic, peace-loving people might enjoy the Backstreet Boys breakdown at the beginning of the song, and could then be advised to try something by Take That (but not 'Rule The World', in case they get ideas).

On the other hand, a hardened warrior race might like the chuntering distorted guitar bit, where the song speeds up a bit. They might be interested to know that some human soldiers use this type of noise to gee themselves up when heading into battle, and then demand to hear 'Reign In Blood' by Slayer. Again, this could blow up in our faces, so caution is advised.

Then there's the hedonistic, party-animal aliens, who will be entranced by the rave beats and bum-quake synth squits. They will be so overwhelmed by what they hear that an attempt will be made to mate with the speakers, forcing Earth diplomats to hide the Ministry Of Sound compilation in their record box, to prevent chafing.

And if it turns out they are just as complex and varied a race of beings as we are, with different tastes and needs as individuals, well, at the very least we can assure them that we have the technology to help their floppy larynxes approximate the sound of human singing.

Step forward, Kanye West. You're auto-tune skills could save all of humankind...

Three starsDownload: Out now
CD Released: December 15th

(Fraser McAlpine)


  • Comment number 1.

    It's a very lazy video though. Who exactly is being missed and by whom? Everyone looks very happy in the video.

    In fact the whole setup looks great, I wish we could all have a basshunter christmas. It looks like a better party than the one in the marks and spencer ad anyway.


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