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The Chart Show (Plus DVD Extras) - 02/11/08

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Fraser McAlpine | 21:01 UK time, Sunday, 2 November 2008

Fearne & ReggieAfter a sterling stand-in from Scott Mills last week, this week's Chart Show returns The Mighty Reg to a nation's grateful ear. And when Reggie comes back, so do his DVD Extras.

If you're relatively new to ChartBlog, you may need to know that DVD Extras are the full-length, unedited (save for curses) versions of the interviews which end up on the Chart Show itself.

And here's a perfect example. Here's Reggie chatting to Ruth and Alexandra from this year's X-Factor finalists. There's some stuff about their chart placing (it's high, in case you're allergic to the news), some stuff about THAT performance, the one where Ruth found herself trapped offstage but still singing, and some stuff about being a cake.

Gwan, have a listen...

Download the mp3 version of this interview...



Missed the Chart Show on Sunday? Annoyed? Kicking yourself? Hard? Stop! Help is at hand...

You can enjoy the Radio 1 Chart Show any time you like, by using the BBC's Listen Again service, which is availableright here.

Or if you've got a lot on, why not catch up with the most essential bits, using the the Chart Show Podcast?

Now, go and put a cold compress on that leg, before it starts to swell...



Welcome back, now, last but not least, lagging but not flagging, tardy but not mardy, backward but not slackward, here's Top 5 High 5.

Top 5 High 5

All you need to do is answer 'High 5!' if you approve of this week's Top 5, and 'Denied!' if you don't.

And here is that Top 5 once again in talkywordingform...

1: X-Factor Finalists - 'Hero'
2: Girls Aloud - 'The Promise'
3: P!nk - 'So What'
4: Guru Josh Project - 'Infinity 2008'
5: Kings Of Leon - 'Sex On Fire'

Here's the Top 40 in full...


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