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Christina Aguilera - 'Keeps Gettin' Better'

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Fraser McAlpine | 10:09 UK time, Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Christina AguileraOnce upon a time, Christina would have named this song after the most provocative line in the chorus. You know the one. It's sweary. Music shops and download sites all over the world would have been blessed with endless variations on the three-word mantra "Christina Aguilera: Superb****" (only without the asterisks) and she'd have sealed the deal with a picture of such amazing filth that any issues of Nuts magazine left within eyeshot of even the tiniest screen-grab of it would burst into flame.

Here's the video. It's got swearing in it, as I'm sure you've gathered. Please don't watch it. Swearing is just a sign of a d****** poor vocabulary.

So, signs of unexpected maturity from Christina, proving that her dabbles with the music of the past have rubbed off in a nice way (I'm not even going to make the obvious 'rubbing off' joke here either. There's a time and a place for innuendo, and when it comes, I'll be the first to give you one).

Of course, it's a little disappointing that she's come back sounding like Goldfrapp performing 'Some Girls' by Rachel Stevens. Not that there is anything wrong with 'Some Girls' by Rachel Stevens. In fact, if you catch me on the right day, and you've got the time, you may be treated to several hours of unhinged ranting about how 'Some Girls' by Rachel Stevens is one of the best pop songs of the last decade. Songs which sound like 'Some Girls' by Rachel Stevens are not a problem in my book. Even the one by the Scissor Sisters.

And how timely of Christina to put this song out while Rachel herself is back in the public eye. Granted she isn't performing 'Some Girls' on Strictly Come Dancing, she's, y'know...dancing. But it must cushion the blow for her, being able to keep busy while an American star pinches her finest musical moment, adds swearing and self-regard, sings it like a bull in a blender, and creates an international hit single with it.

The only real gripe here is that, for someone who has been blessed with Definitive Tonsils, the results are a little anonymous. This could easily be a song by P!nk, for example, and actually, thinking about it, she might have made a better job of making it her own.

Wow...who knew that a more mature Christina could be a bad thing?

Three starsDownload: Out now
CD Released: November 3th

(Fraser McAlpine)

PS: The Hectopascal Music blog has found another point of comparison. Is Rachel Stevens the Mother of All Modern Music? Or is it the Dr Who theme?



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