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Will.I.Am - 'One More Chance'

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Fraser McAlpine | 10:15 UK time, Saturday, 16 August 2008

Will.I.AmSee the name in the headline above? That's right, it's just Will. There is no little 'ft.' next to his name, no guest singer flown in to attempt to extend the brand. This is a song which features NO-ONE ELSE AT ALL. We have finally reached a point where shy, introverted little Will is confident enough to appear on his own records without asking anyone else to hold his hand during the choruses. It's like a breakthrough in his personal journey here, people, would a round of applause be too much to ask?

That's better. Also, isn't it surprising, given that, until recently, Will couldn't so much as pop to the shops for some hip hop milk or rapsnacks without taking a guest vocalist with him, that he claims to be such a massive hit with The Ladies?

Unless, or course, he is merely projecting a fantasy version of himself into his music, y'know, pretending to be a total hottie magnet and super-confident party animal, as a way of distracting from how shy and scared he really is inside. I guess that would make sense.

And look at the video he's made! Look beyond the cuteness of the concept for a second, and what do we find? He has had himself filmed walking around an everyday neighbourhood in a hot part of America, with the twist that he's got magical powers and he can change things so that the hot girl he has his eye on is convinced that he's not a creepy stalker with no social skills. And it takes him all of the song to do this, and at the end, the girl totally overpowers him and puts him in her handbag.

You do not need to be a psychologist to see what Will's issues are, it's fair to say. Luckily for the entire world, he seems to have enough humour and charisma (even if HE doesn't think so) to keep him on the right side of the self-pitying, woeful, angsty side of things - y'know...the e-word.

Although suddenly the thought of a rocked-up Will.I.Am production which rages against the unfairness of the world and features him in a black Beatlewig is enormously appealing.

Uh, looks like he's not the only one with issues...

Four starsDownload: Out now
CD Released: August 18th

(Fraser McAlpine)

PS: Pop-psychology aside, if you don't believe there's a serious underside to Will's latest songs, Mixtape Maestro points out that a sensible Will is a good Will...


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