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Kaiser Chiefs - Happy Snappers

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Fraser McAlpine | 10:17 UK time, Friday, 18 July 2008

The Kaiser Chiefs

*whispers* Here we are, in the undergrowth, tracking the lesser-smiling indie band. They travel in herds, never more than a shoulder-width apart, and always facing the same way.This makes them easy prey for predators, such as the Rockodile or Hiphopotamus, but it also provides protection for the alpha males, as they allow the lesser members of their herd to be picked off, one by one.

I've often wondered why it is that indie bands just won't smile in photographs - even the pretty ones. Is it a legal matter? A spiritual thing? Are they all just really grumpy people?

So, when the lovely Jess from the Eden Project rang to tell me that I had interview time with Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs (they did a concert there, you see), but added that there were to be no pictures taken, it seemed a perfect opportunity to raise some of these very important issues with an expert. And that, dear ChartBloggers, is what I did.

Or download the mp3 version of this interview*...


Here's a fantastic video a lady called Sally made at the Eden gig. She's right at the front and is holding Ricky's leg. There is also a shadow of someone else's hand which has fallen on Ricky in a rather unfortunate place. Look!

BBC Cornwall has a gallery of pictures from the Eden concert...
Kaiser Chiefs are also available in website form...
And MySpace form...


* Right-click on the link, then select 'Save Target As...' and pick the folder on your PC that you'd like to download the file to.



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