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ChartBlog Has One Biiiig Weekend - Part 3

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Fraser McAlpine | 18:30 UK time, Saturday, 10 May 2008

We Are Scientists - Keith's rage

So far, you've only heard my account of what's been going on here at the Big Weekend. But frankly, there's only so much interest anyone can wring out of me watching Dan Hipgrave - who used to be in Toploader, '90s fans - chat to Vernon Kaye, from a distance, and inventing dialogue between the two of them about their favourite haircare products. Actually, I think we may have already crossed that line.

So, here's some stories I have been told. Starting with a couple of famous faces.

Fearne and Reggie's time in the signing tent seems to have been eventful. First off it was 1pm, so it was baking in there. Then they were asked to sign two pairs of shoes, and THEN they were asked to sign something and address it to "Roger's toilet". This is apparently because a man called Roger has filled his downstairs bathroom with autographs, all addressed to his loo.

Scott Mills said that when he and Zane Lowe went down to the Outdoor stage to introduce a few people, he personally was happy to walk back through the crowd, but (and I can't stress enough that this is what Scott said) the Zipper had to come back on a buggy with a light flashing on it. Maybe he'd left a cup of tea behind that he was anxious to get back to?

On a more harmonious Radio 1 note. Fearne is very impressed by Jo Whiley's family, and also had a good feel of Edith Bowman's baby bump. After a long discussion about the etiquette involved in this situation, she concluded it was fine, because she personally would demand that people touch hers if the situation was reversed.

Duffy performed a very good cover of Madonna's 'Borderline' in an acoustic set (see last blog), which so impressed Annie Mac that she DEMANDED that the Duffster repeat it on the main stage. Which would be very interesting if her Madgesty decided to also revisit that song, later on, donchathink?

Fearne and Reggie said they managed to get a telling-off from Usher's manager for committing the cardinal sin of attempting to watch from the side of the stage. Mind you, they might have been giggling at the bit where Ush greeted the crowd with a cheery "Hello Manchester!", at the time.

On that note, is it possible that R&B stars are having a little bet with themselves to see how badly wrong they can get the name of the place they are supposed to be rocking? I mean, Beyonce managed to call Brighton London at the last Chart Show Live, and now Usher has called Maidstone Manchester. I'm not saying they ARE doing it on purpose, but it's something to bear in mind when Nelly calls Ipswitch Swindon, innit?

Did you know that being famous can actually protect you from being robbed? Fatboy Slim told Kate from Radio 1 Online that he was once nearly mugged at a Radio 1 One Big Weekend, when he was about to leave with his wife Zoe. They were walking out to their car, when a gang of nasty-looking youths approached them, blocking their path and generally acting like they were about to relieve them of their precious items. But suddenly one of the gang recognised the celebrity twosome, and let them pass. True story (or over-embellishment by known raconteur).

Oh, Scott also said he'd seen Chris Moyles walking along hand-in-hand with Duffy. He said that. Not me. If this turns out not to be true, you know who to blame.

You also need to see the latest additions to the Radio 1 Big Weekend site, these people have been working like Trojans, I tell you!

PS: That picture at the top? 'Handsome' Keith from We Are Scientists pretending to have a Hulk-like rage. OBVIOUSLY...

Now you need to go and read about Saturday night...


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