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ChartBlog Has One Biiiig Weekend - Part 2

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Fraser McAlpine | 16:22 UK time, Saturday, 10 May 2008

Sigh! I am now sitting at a picnic table in the backstage bar area, in the shade of a tree which is festooned with mirrorballs. I can hear Duffy performing an acoustic set from a nearby tent, and a few feet away, We Are Scientists and the Futureheads are congratulating each other on a tug of war well done (listen to Nick Grimshaw's show, if you don't know what I'm on about). It is very strange here, but also very charming.,

So far, I have seen only two bands performing music. Vampire Weekend and the Ting Tings. The rest of the time has been spent carting a little notepad around the site and making what Reggie Yates has described as "frighteningly neat little notes".

That's how ChartBlog rolls...

In the style of Heat magazine, here are the things that I have spotted in my travels thus far:

Sophie Ellis Bextor's son putting his baseball cap on top of his mum's straw trilby as she carried him along.

The Hoosiers using the backstage toilets, and failing to wash their hands afterwards. This was largely because the water didn't work in the sinks, and they may have made efforts to cleanse themselves afterwards, so don't think harshly of them.

Usher being driven everywhere - in a quite small backstage area - in a people carrier. He seemed very happy to chat to fans though, and seems to be having a good time. That car has to have amazing air con, is what I have decided.

He also had a car on stage with him, although having seen it being loaded away into a lorry after the show, I can EXCLUSIVELY REVEAL that it is not a real car. Or if it is, it's made by Airfix and not a reputable car company.

The Enemy and the Futureheads having a nice chat.

Dan Gillespie Sells of the Feeling in a vest.

Paramore meeting Robyn, and Haley admitting to BBC Sound that she's a real fan. So much so that she was actually nervous of meeting her. She also said Robyn is so pretty that she should be a catwalk model.

'Handsome' Keith Murray of We Are Scientists being wished a happy birthday by a pretty girl, He may have blushed, or possible was still all hot and bothred after the tug of war.

Fearne Cotton, Reggie Yates and Colin Murray dancing like crazy people to Vampire Weekend. Reg is very impressed by the band's fashion sense, singling out the singer's boating shoes as particularly fine.

Scouting For Girls seem to be EVERYWHERE.

Danny McNamara from Embrace squeezing his girlfriend's bottom in an affectionate way. He's walked past this table about nine times, so he clearly did it on purpose to get a mention. Or he was feeling saucy. One of the two...

Katie Ting Ting is among the clumsiest people I've ever seen on stage. Granted this is probably because she is so lost in the music and stuff, but literally every musical item on stage which was hers to touch, she managed to knock over. Her mic stand? Flattened. Her mic lead? tangled around various objects on stage. Her hat? Kicked over her amp. That big bass drum of theirs? Fell off its stand. I half expected Jules Ting Ting to flinch every time she lurched his way. They were astonishingly good though.

COMING SOON: More from Fearne and Reggie, less Scouting For Girls, and a worrying amount of sunburnt flesh (on other people). Let's GO!



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