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Gabriella Cilmi - 'Sweet About Me'

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Fraser McAlpine | 10:45 UK time, Friday, 14 March 2008

Gabriella CilmiDo you think people who speak other languages get as much simple fun out of names as English-speaking peoples do? Are there pop fans in some parts of the world who are doing joyclaps right now because 'Winehouse' in their langugage translates into "toilet brush" or "spam towel" or "I am a sexy troll"?

I only ask because Gabriella here has the distinction of a surname which means different things in English depending on how you pronounce it. She's either Gabriella Kill Me - a name which could not be more goth if was written in Betty Curse's disappointed blood - or Gabriella Chill Me, which sounds like a post-rave rom com about clubbers finding love while relaxing after a long weekend.

(I've checked, it's actually pronounced Chill Me, so Betty Curse bled in vain. How very apt)

Aaaaanyway. Perky song, this. Well suited to grabbing your attention even in the middle of the sudden run of post-Amy soul sirens, largely because it swings a bit, and seems to have some spark of its own, rather than stiffly wearing its '60s influences like a pair of slightly-too-small cuban heeled boots (Hi Duffy!).

It doesn't stop you in your tracks the way 'Rehab' did, mind. But then it's becoming clear that despite the gold-rush, singers like Amy Spam Towel really don't come along every day.

Four starsDownload: Out now
CD Released: March 17th

(Fraser McAlpine)


  1. At 05:03 PM on 14 Mar 2008, Roseanne wrote:

    Yay, thanx for reviewing this song. I love this song and I'm always singing it, in bed in the shower....:P
    She may be compared to other singers but she's the same age as me (16) and boy am i jealous she has a great voice.

  2. At 06:16 PM on 14 Mar 2008, Roseanne wrote:

    I love this song, for a 16 year old she's got a great voice. I go the BBC Sports forum and put the video to the song on the site and one of my fellow 606ers who's a grown man keeps singing it....slightly disturbing O.o

  3. At 11:19 PM on 15 Mar 2008, Kat wrote:

    This sends me to sleep, and since I'm not currently suffering from any insomnia related issues it is of no use to me =/

    Bring on all the happy summery songs!

  4. At 06:49 PM on 23 Mar 2008, Jamie Bradbury wrote:

    I'm a huge fan of Gabriella. I've met her a couple of times too, and she's a lovely person. I love the soulful voice that is way beyond her years. She has some great tracks to come as well, so she's definitely one to look out for. I remember when I heard this for the first time, and it instantly got stuck in my head. I really hope it does well! Go Gab!

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