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Fun With Press Releases - No.6

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Fraser McAlpine | 14:21 UK time, Monday, 17 March 2008

Press releases

Jack Savoretti - 'Between The Minds'

First Bit: "Jack has been chosen by Caffe Nero as their artist of the month."

Second Bit: "Jack has taken to the road, true to form with just his guitar for company, for a spontaneous busking tour around various Caffe Neros..."

Would it be TOO cynical to suggest that the word 'spontaneous' there has been applied entirely wrongly?



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  1. At 06:47 PM on 17 Mar 2008, Hannah wrote:

    Oh, this link has only just worked for me and this time Fraser you truly have made my day!
    When was the Caffe Nero brand a font of musical wisdom? Is it my country dimplot origins that have meant this particular oracle has passed me by?
    Many (see the Yael Naim video) would be hurt and confused by your allusion to corporate marketing. It is a sad day when a man cannot "take to the road" "with just his guitar for company" and visit his sponsors in a completely un-planned, free from design (and I imagine well -paid) way.
    Hannah x

  2. At 01:34 PM on 18 Mar 2008, Danielle wrote:

    aww leave little jack alone :-)

    been waiting to get his album for a while, its been a year since i first heard of him.. cool... i love his voice, cant place who he remindsme off

    altho, yes the cafe nero tour has been on his myspace for quite few months...

  3. At 05:23 PM on 31 Mar 2008, Danielle wrote:

    Won tickets to his gig tomorrow!

    we shall see what the fuss is all about

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