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Why Pete Doherty Is Probably Worth It After All...

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Fraser McAlpine | 16:27 UK time, Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Beth's cameraphone shot of Pete DohertyIt's not really the ChartBlog thing to do live reviews all that often. Not because there's anything wrong with live reviews, it's just sometimes there's some really good stuff on telly, or a good book to read, or the sofa is really comfy and you can just feel a snooze coming on and...and...y'know...zzz

*wakeyshake* ANYWAY, friend-of-ChartBlog Beth Garrod, of BBC Sound, went to see Pete Doherty performing an intimate acoustic set last night. And she has come over all poetic about the experience. Hell, she even described what follows as 'an outpouring', which is perhaps too distracting a word, but not inaccurate.

So, I just saw Pete D at the Rhythm Factory and he was awesome. You forget that he's just a bloke with a guitar, not some media monster who's this overwhelming force of all things evil. I've seen him before and he was great, but I wasn't really expecting anything much of this gig. Guess with Pete the biggest lesson is to never expect anything at all. Although I did think a crowd of Camdenite teens fawning over him was going to be inevitable.

But, in this intimate gig, with nothing between the low stage and the mix of twenty-something audience, Pete reminded me of just how good he is. He's so relaxed on stage, chatting, dancing around, heckling the crowd - and the bouncers. The most effortless sounds pour from his guitar and the passion and energy he puts into every song makes you forget that they were (on the whole) intended for a band to play.

He has the most velvety gentle voice that sort of makes me want to suggest that he records an album of children's lullabies. However, I never would. Mainly cos it would be the worst idea ever, but also, and potentially more importantly, cos I've never spoken to the guy in my life.

His lyrics can sometimes be some of the most moving I've heard ("If you've lost your faith in love and music then the end won't be long") although I'm not quite moved to the extent of proper Pete fans who punch the air along to his every word. I mean, the guy's good, with flashes of genius, but he's no God.

But, despite most of the hundred strong crowd being totally battered, it was probably the best natured gig I've ever been to, with Pete singing a special happy birthday to a girl in the crowd, and the crowd doing a sort of group hug-mosh. It was a lot of fun.


See that? Pete Doherty = FUN. Who knew?


  1. At 04:09 PM on 29 Feb 2008, Annie Clancy wrote:

    Pete doherty is amazing! I intended on going to his gig at barrowland in Glasgow but it didn't work out in the end - i was rather gutted! I got Babyshambles new album at christmas and the Libertines Greatest hits, they are both really really great. His music is just so inventive and mellow. I really like his soft kind of half-bothered singing voice, it really completes his music. The song "Side of the road" on shotters nation is particulary awesome. It has amazing upbeat instrumental while Pete sounds like hes taken 100 happy pills sounding extatic - (I do recomend people to listen to this song =D)
    I would loove to meet Pete doherty, i find him rather attractive and i think he would be good fun to hang around with.
    Overall i think hes an amazing musician and i hope he keeps producing more grand music!

  2. At 09:34 AM on 15 Apr 2008, chatelle wrote:

    i love slink

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