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It's, It's A Ballroom Brits! - Part 3

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Fraser McAlpine | 20:31 UK time, Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Hello! I'm still at the Brits! And the questions are coming thick and fast. Like, how scary was Beth Ditto during Mika's moment? And why did Take That not learn from their own live experience by leaving the audience wanting MORE speech, rather than A LOT LESS speech? And why did Rihanna sing 'Umbrella' wearing a hood, thus negating the need for an umbrella, even if it was raining on the stage, which it wasn't?

There was one scary moment, where Aled from the Chris Moyles show was telling us about spotting Perez Hilton mooching around backstage trying to grub up some celebrity gossip for his blog, but how he hadn't really had any luck and was kind of reduced to just making a list of all the stars he had seen, and making up stories about the significance of what he happened to see them doing. I mean what kind of half-arsed blog would do that? God, I thought he was, like, a professional or something... *cough*....

Gary Barlow did something rather cute when the band went to get their award for Best Live Act. On the way up the stairs, he caught Chris Moyles's eye and pulled a "this is preposterous, isn't it?" sort of a face. Then he said "ONE album, and we're best live act! ONE ALBUM!" as if this was among the most ridiculous things which he had ever experienced. And I've seen the video they made with Lulu, so I KNOW this is not the case. Sweet though, eh?

I can EXCLUSIVELY REVEAL that I have seen Dr Who, and that his former assistant, the waitress lady who died at Christmas in that film that was on - I think it was called 'Dr Who And The Waitress Who Dies (But She's Really A Pop Star Lady Called Kylie)' - is also in the building, clutching a small golden statue. This is probably a robot of some sort, or a hand-held alien. I would imagine there's some crazy adventure going on, but haven't seen any blue boxes yet. Leave that one with me, I'll let you know if anything invades...

Fearne Cotton was witnessed being in posession of a large amount of handbags, all of which were carried by an assistant. When asked why she was carrying quite so much luggage around with her, or rather, why SHE wasn't actually carrying so much rubbish around with her, she pretended to try and help, but she didn't really. That is another piece of celebrity gossip which was told to me by Aled off the Chris Moyles show. I personally do not believe Fearne has any problem carrying a bag, I'd like to make that quite clear.

Brilliantly, in all the echoing nonsense, chaos and melee, if you listen really carefully, you can hear the gentle, tinkling tones of Sir Paul McCartney STILL puffing on his harmonica. That's how you can tell he is nearby, music precedes him. If his performance tonight does not feature a harmonica, I'll be mildly surprised, and that is saying something.

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  1. At 10:23 PM on 20 Feb 2008, ~Rachel~ wrote:

    Do you mean you're hardly ever surprised, even mildly...by anything? Or that Sir Paul McCartney hardly ever plays a harmonica, so to be slightly surprised that he's NOT playing one would really be something...?

    I'm enjoying the Brits as experienced through ChartBlog, as I'm not actually watching it!

    Is Sir Paul taking requests for his backstage harmonica recital? ...maybe he would if you asked...

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