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Kelly Rowland - 'Work (Freemasons Mix)'

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Fraser McAlpine | 12:15 UK time, Saturday, 26 January 2008

Kelly RowlandI tell you, this is one sentence I never thought I'd find myself typing - who knew that taking a Kelly Rowland song and making it sound like a cross between a Holly Valance song and a Bubba Sparxxx song would be a guarantee of chart success? And yet here we are. Freemasons have taken the would-be 'Crazy In Love' production of Kelly's original and pitched their version between 'Kiss Kiss' and 'Ugly', and it's just SO much better.

All the bits of Kelly's original which just sound like her chuntering madly over an endless loop (which is pretty much the entire song. I tell you, someone in the Destiny's Child axis must just love playing their old funk albums at single speed...that or drinking twelvety-eleven cups of coffee a day) are suddenly lifted, often by nothing cleverer than changing the music under her vocal, depending on which rhythmic section she's on at any given moment.

In fact, I know this sounds like a crazy point to have to make after all these years of popular song, but it turns out that having your verses sound entirely different to your choruses is actually a really good idea, and can make the difference between a drab song with a good beat and a brilliant song with a large variety of arse-quake options.

Listen to the original...I'm right, aren't I?

In fact the only real gripe with this new version is that the chorus is a bit too 'Music Sounds Better With You', a tad disco-perfect, where the verses and buildup were more rusty and wayward. But it's a really minor point to make, and not it's worth lingering on for too long. Mainly because it's a bit like saying that someone whose face has been entirely rebuilt after a major car crash looks "a bit too pretty for me, actually". It's carping, and that's not nice.

(For future reference, rusty and wayward are not lost members of the Jackson 5, Which is another sentence I never thought I'd find myself typing. Isn't life weird?)

Four starsDownload: Out now
CD Released: February 4th

(Fraser McAlpine)

PS: Another (and even less elvated than Bubba Sparxxx) reference point for the remix has been spotted by Unreality Music...


  1. At 07:58 PM on 27 Jan 2008, swifty512 wrote:

    kelly song is really good and out on cd on the 28th january, every 1 buy this lets make it #1

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