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Chart Report - 16/12/07

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Fraser McAlpine | 20:30 UK time, Sunday, 16 December 2007

1 - Eva Cassidy & Katie Melua - 'What A Wonderful World'

Katie MeluaChartSnipe: No offense to Leona Lewis, or to anyone who shelled out on 'Bleeding Love' and therefore kept it at the top spot for ever and ever, but isn't is lovely to have a bit variety at the top here? You could even go so far as to say it's apt that the song which ended a brutal reign of chart terror just WOULD be called 'What A Wonderful World', right? Course, the real question is whether Katie can hold off that fella with the tombstone teeth from the X-Factor or not. Tune in next week, folks! (FM)


2 - Leona Lewis - 'Bleeding Love'

Leona LewisChartSnipe: Hahahahahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHA! HAAAA! HAAA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAAAAAA! HAAAAA! *pause for breath* Hahahahahahahahaa! HAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAA! (FM)


3 - Soulja Boy Tellem - 'Crank That (Soulja Boy)'
Soulja Boy TellemChartSnipe: I'm sure there's a perfectly logical reason why Soulja Boy has chosen to add that 'Tellem' gubbins to his name there. I'm sure it can't be as daft as him trying to claim people are ordering him to spread the truth about his funny dance routine, and that he hears those words so often he might as well be called them. There's overconfidence and then there's just rank showing off... (FM)


4 - Mariah Carey - 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'
Mariah CareyChartSnipe: At this time of year, above all others, it's good to be able to all lay our differences to one side and come together in the spirit of mutual respect and harmony, right? So, in this spirit, can everyone finally drop the sneering and admit something we've all secretly known for many years, namely that for all of her musical faults, Mariah Carey has created one of the best best best Christmas songs ever? So good, in fact, that it can win over even people who absolutely hate her normally. It's like Goodwill To All Men in song form, people! (FM)


5 - Girls Aloud - 'Call The Shots'
Girls AloudChartSnipe: WHAAT? Girls Aloud release their best song in blimming ages and it only peaks at No.3? Well, that's a strange way to reward their creative endeavours, don't you think? Not that I've anything against T2...but that Leona could move out of the way for once. At this rate she'll be blocking the No.1 spot when this year's X-Factor winner wants it. It's greedy, is what it is. (FM)


The entire Top 40 is right here...


  1. At 09:00 AM on 17 Dec 2007, Aidan wrote:

    Quote 2 - Leona Lewis - 'Bleeding Love'
    ChartSnipe: Hahahahahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHA! HAAAA! HAAA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAAAAAA! HAAAAA! *pause for breath* Hahahahahahahahaa! HAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAA! (FM) Quote

    Laugh away pal.
    The facts speak for themselves.
    Biggest selling single of the year by mile with nearly 700 thousand sales.
    Her album has also sold a million copies in less than 5 weeks as well.
    Britain has got itself a world class diva.
    Its a shame this years X Factor winner is so rubbish in comparison.

    [Agreed. I think possibly you're missing the point of the laughter here, which is more to do with not having to find something new to write about Leona every week that she's at No.1 than any desire to claim that she's some sort of failure. - Fraser]

  2. At 01:18 AM on 18 Dec 2007, leona loser wrote:

    Even if she owns all UK records LEONA is still considered to be UKs artist no more no less. She wont be a world artist that will be remembered in every released of her songs.

    Coz shes a copycat no more no less

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