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Chart Report - 02/12/07

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Fraser McAlpine | 19:20 UK time, Sunday, 2 December 2007

1 - Leona Lewis - 'Bleeding Love'

Leona LewisChartSnipe: *sigh* I see last week's rant did no good whatsoever then...(FM)


2 - T2 ft. Jodie Aysha - 'Heartbroken'
T2ChartSnipe: We've got a bloke with a name like a famous Arnold Schwarzenegger film (one of his good ones, so that should help bring the list of possibles right down), a guest vocalist with two first names and no surname, and a song title which is only one letter away from being about a smashed fireplace. Rest assured, if this goes to No.1 for weeks on end, I shall be making good use of all of these things. You have been warned! (FM)


3 - Girls Aloud - 'Call The Shots'
Girls AloudChartSnipe: WHAAT? Girls Aloud release their best song in blimming ages and it only gets to No.3? Well, that's a strange way to reward their creative endeavours, don't you think? Not that I've anything against T2...but that Leona could move out of the way for once. At this rate she'll be blocking the No.1 spot when this year's X-Factor winner wants it. It's greedy, is what it is. (FM)


4 - Take That - 'Rule The World'
Take ThatChartSnipe: Is there any band that's not staging a comeback right now? Take That are back for good, the Spice Girls are planning to reconquer the world, as are the Backstreet Boys, All Saints and the four-piece Five have been and gone, apparently even Boyzone are thinking about it (they've all been called to a Ronan Meeting). We're still holding out for the Reynolds Girls comeback tour. (SP)


4 - Timbaland pts. OneRepublic - 'Apologize'
TimbalandChartSnipe: Hey what's with all this sticking two words together and keeping the capital letter in the middle? What's wrong with calling your band One Republic, eh? Are you worried that people will get bored in between the first word and the second and so you have to rush them through the whole name just keep their attention? Or are you trying to be all iPod trendy? Well, you'd never catch ChartBlog doing anything as lame as that. Nosireebob. (FM)


The entire Top 40 is right here...


  1. At 02:24 PM on 03 Dec 2007, Kerri wrote:

    I can see Leona Lewis doing a Rihanna here.. which is obviously not a good thing :S

  2. At 06:35 PM on 04 Dec 2007, Kimberley wrote:

    You would think that all the people who wanted the Leona single would have bought it by now and we wouldn't have to sigh like this every week (for how many weeks now?!?).
    Please people, let's buy some new stuff!

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