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Secret Shots - Sugababe Video Weirdness

Fraser McAlpine | 17:54 UK time, Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Sugababes gallery

This, my friends, is a series of advance pictures taken from the video shoot for the next Sugababes single 'Change', which won't be in the shops until December 17th (which is partly why they are covered in watermarked text. It's a security thing. Well, more of an INsecurity thing, but you get the idea).

In some of the pics, the girls look amazingly beautiful, and in others...well, why don't you take a look for yourselves and see what you think, mm?

Here's the video too. A feast for the eyes, n'est pas?

Hats off to Popjustice for pointing out one very obvious thing...


  1. At 12:39 PM on 22 Nov 2007, Luis Camino wrote:

    how long has it been since these girls last smiled in a video (or off a video for that matter)?. get on top of your depression already.

  2. At 08:14 PM on 22 Nov 2007, JAF wrote:

    What's with the eye lashes??

  3. At 11:14 AM on 24 Nov 2007, Eve wrote:

    I love weird videos. They look kind of cute in this one, like flower fairies. Keisha's eyebrows are eerily attractive. I want some!

  4. At 10:07 AM on 15 Jan 2008, JAF wrote:

    The eyelashes are still mad i think cos not even max factor or rimmel would do 4 out like that.

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