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Chart Show vs ChartBlog - Part 5 - The Grand Finale

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Fraser McAlpine | 19:00 UK time, Sunday, 11 November 2007

Fearne and ReggieSo, our time with the Chart Show has come to an end. Leona Lewis is at No.1, Take That are at No.2, Timbaland/One Republic are at No.3, Mark Ronson is at No.4 and Westlife are No.5. Fearne and Reggie are happily off into the night, relieved that no-one will be writing down their every minor discretion and ribald joke any more, and I'm going to walk about with a massively swelled head after hearing ChartBlog content read out on air. It's just a great big backslap-athon, and frankly, who's complaining?

What's that? YOU are? Shh! Don't be rude..

Final Observations

Fearne Cotton loves Appletise. Everyone thinks this is because Appletise is the drink you drink when you are 11 and you want to pretend you're drinking something alcoholic. Fearne does not disagree with this.

Reggie Yates likes the new Nickelback song. This is not because he is in any way aurally or mentally deficient. No it's because of the video, which he claims is good enough to make anyone like the song. Try it for yourselves!

Reggie has spent a good portion of the afternoon doing the web equivalent of window-shopping. At one point he even unearthed some new Converse trainers which have an ankle strap along the top, which we have all agreed are not very nice at all. So bad, in fact that it prompted a disgusted Ms Cotton to exclaim "don't f*** with the chuck". You kiss your mother with that mouth, young missy?

Fearne and Reggie love nothing more than talking about modern art. In particular the work of street artists like Banksy, and Reg's favourite D-Face. Some of their work is pretty extreme, mind.

Reg told us an amazing story of how he used to go to his uncle's house to watch one of his three videos (back when owning a VHS video player was a rare thing indeed). He had Michael Jackson's Thriller, a Lenny Henry video, and Purple Rain, by Prince. Now, Purple Rain has quite an explicit sex scene, so young Reggie, and his sister, who were both too young and timid to enjoy such things, used to turn to each other and start talking about ANYTHING AT ALL in EXTREMELY LOUD VOICES whenever that part of the film, uh, 'came up'.

Which is odd, considering that even the very earliest videos had a fast forward facility...

If you missed all of this - well the bits of it that went out on air, at least - and are now regretting it, you should really check our the very first Chart Show podcast, which will be live from 10am on Monday morning (the 12th).

And finally, I asked F&R if they had any special message for ChartBlog readers, and this was their reply.

Reggie: "We apologise"
Fearne: "...in the words of Timbaland"

I think that says it all, really...

Now go back to Part 1 and enjoy it all again...


  1. At 09:46 PM on 11 Nov 2007, Kerri wrote:

    you sound really excited throughout all of this you know :)

    its very good, and didnt loose any of the CB charm even though theres so much of it

    perhaps the only thing that could have been improved is the actual top 5, but thats not your fault

  2. At 09:59 AM on 12 Nov 2007, Jamie wrote:

    Urgh! Man, I can't believe ChartBlog sold out. It's too commercial now. Soon we will all be forgotten about as your mixing it with all the celebs. All the parties, with your drugs etc. . . I've gone too far haven't I?

    I'm only kidding, it's good to see (hear) ChartBlog on the ol' wireless. Thoroughly enjoyed the updates. What a grand way to mark the Birthday celebrations.

    And as Kerri quite rightly said, shame about the actual top 5. . . anychance you could fiddle the results next time? Sorry, what was I thinking? The BBC don't do that sort of thing. . .

  3. At 09:43 PM on 12 Nov 2007, RN wrote:

    I love the CB... keep it up... and I love there's now the podcast... although I don't think I would miss CS for the world... still, I might be somewhere trying to save a poor little Chinese in Africa and you never know... not that I tend to do that sort of thing

  4. At 07:47 PM on 13 Nov 2007, Kat wrote:

    So Fraser, didja enjoy yourself? :P Favourite part?

    Was an awesome, funny read anyway :) Yay!

    [In all seriousness, my favourite bit was Reggie reading out the bit in Part 4 about making them cry, and Fearne (on air) saying "Oh FRASER!" like I'm a naughty child. That ruled! - Fraser]

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