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Timbaland pts. OneRepublic - 'Apologize'

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Fraser McAlpine | 10:51 UK time, Tuesday, 23 October 2007

TimbalandOh great, another TImbaland single. It's gonna be some frosted-beat bragathon about how he's too sexy for normal folks, he's better than you are, and he gets paid more than surgeons do - featuring a guest appearance from Justin Timberlake/Nelly Furtado/Justin Timberlake/Nelly Furtado (delete as applicable). It's gonna be brilliant, naturally, but it's hardly going to push boundaries by his own standards, is it? This is what he does, and he does it a lot...

*puts CD in player*

Oh, strange. This can't be Timbaland. It sounds more like Enrique doing a Coldplay song, heh... I must have mixed my CDs up when I was checking my review pile earlier.

*a thorough search of desk and drawers later*

Well where's that then? There's no empty CD cases, and everything seems to be in the packaging it was in when it got here...

*takes CD out of player*

Well this says it IS Timbaland. That can't be right. Maybe I put the radio on by mistake. Let's see, play button, CD is playing...seconds ticking away...piano ballad with ticky beats underneath.

AND unless I'm mishearing, this doesn't even have a lot of bragging in! I mean the singer seems to be telling someone off, so it's hardly a vulnerable stance to take, but still, this is quite a departure. It must be OneRepublic who are bringing the modesty, seeing as they're pop newbies and stuff. Although they're clearly not so modest that they're above stealing the ending of Coldplay's 'In My Place' entirely.

Isn't life strange sometimes? Just when I had that Tim fella nice and pigeon-holed too. He's going to be unbearable about this when he goes back to those showing-off songs again. Bah!

Three starsDownload: Out now

(Fraser McAlpine)


  1. At 06:05 PM on 24 Oct 2007, adam wrote:

    Must suck to be such a w****** all the time Fraser. this song is one of the best written lyrically and melodically that i've heard in ages. Take a look online or on myspace and you'll see that approx 20 million people agree. OneRepublic is killin it here on the charts and taking over America as well. So...enjoy being in the minority. and as far as coldplay? those guys wish they had a song this brilliant.

    [20 million people agree? Even if you're right, 20,000,000 people on a planet with a population which has been estimated at around 6,600,000,000 is NOT a majority, smugboy. And Coldplay DO have a song this brilliant, that's why Timbaland nicked the ending. - Fraser]

  2. At 12:45 AM on 30 Oct 2007, Cynan Rees wrote:

    That's the most-pig-ignorant "review" I've ever seen.

    This pathetic excuse for a person spends half his time not actually talking about the song, a quarter referring to other artists and songs, and the remaining quarter..... well, not reviewing the actual song. Aren't you supposed to actually TALK ABOUT the song???

    Do you enjoy being such a waste of space, Fraser? Because you're crap-hot at it. (At least we've found something you're good at.)

    You can't admit a Timbaland song can be brilliant? Whassamatter, baby, it isn't Coldplay, so it must be crap? Good grief, you're ridiculous.

    Oh, and smugboy Fraser, by your close-minded definition, if 20,000,000 people liking a song isn't enough to classify it as good, then no song ever written in human history is good. And that includes your beloved Coldplay.

    So just shut up and get lost.

    [I CAN 'admit' a Timbaland song can be brilliant. That's why I said "It's gonna be brilliant, naturally". That's why previous Timbaland songs have had massively positive reviews on ChartBlog. My point is this doesn't sound like Timbaland on first listen...AND THAT THIS IS A GOOD THING. I'm not a massive Coldplay fan, but they did write the end of this song first. AND FINALLY, the point about 20,000,000 people is you can get numbers to prove any point you like. For instance: This song didn't get to No.1, does that make it a failure as a song? No, it's irrelevant. Even if Adam is right and 20,000,000 people love this song, does that make it a good song? No, it's irrelevant. Please, if you're going to call someone names for hating a song you like, DO take the time to find out if they really DO hate the song or not, mmm? - Fraser]

  3. At 04:58 PM on 30 Oct 2007, jena UK wrote:

    I hate this song and TImbaland is one lousy producer i hate his song and this group is just a copycat of coldplay just riding along with Timbalands popularity to be known and that is BAD!!!

    Hope they will be gone

  4. At 05:26 PM on 01 Nov 2007, Jamie wrote:

    You know Fraser, sometimed I wonder why you bother when you get people like these 2 fools jumping to conclusions and not even reading the review.

    Just because you didn't say you are totally in love with this song and want to marry it, obviously means you don't like it. . . and, well if you don't like it then there must be something wrong with you, you can't have your own opinion! You have to have the same opinion as the '20million' other people.

    I also think that Cynan Rees loves Coldplay and is too afraid to admit it, so has made out that you (Fraser) are their biggest fan. lol.

    [Aww...I'm blushing now - Fraser]

  5. At 10:25 AM on 02 Nov 2007, Jamie wrote:

    I'm just sticking up for you F-Man (can I call you that). You and the other CB guys come in for alot of criticism on here, I'm just doing my job as a member of the CBST. Protect and Serve!

    [You can call me F-Man if you like. Although it does make me sound like a superhero whose chief power is the ability to swear in a really powerful way. Keep up the good work, soldier! - Fraser]

  6. At 05:26 AM on 05 Nov 2007, Mary wrote:

    I think the review and the reactions are absolutlely hilarious... particularly the reactions, I think. Like what-the eff-ever people, its just pop music!!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Plus it's chartblog!!! I'm hardly coming here to read pedantic reviews about metre and pitch. It's not all about the music, the pop culture surrounding it is key too!!! Anyway that said, I do like the song, and I can't comment about the coldplay likeness and such ish because I don't really like them and don't particularly listen to them...

  7. At 10:18 PM on 21 Nov 2007, tina wrote:

    The YouTube version you've put here is a combination of the original video of One Republic but with the audio of the Timbaland remix...On YouTube you can find the original video (with the original audio)- it's uploaded by the video director who made it.
    I listened to the original but the vocals are almost in a lower key (especially on the refrain)- or just the singer's voice is deeper (sounds almost like a different person), and the music..well, its a mix of different styles... too many things going on, I must say- string orchestra, rythmic tapping by hands, and what else not. I listened several times the Timbaland version and the original version, trying to compare them- and I must say- the man does have a stroke of genius....he has changed only few things- removed some stuff, made the voals a little bit high-pitched, added some special effects, and his "yeah" in the beginning, and adding a different rythm in the background... but these changes make the song the "can't get it out of my head" piece that it is now, compared to the original, which I doubt would have got much airplay..SO...yeah, regardless of what Timbaland is as a person, as a professional he is among the best... we have to hand it down to him- the guy knows how to produce..

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