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Mutya Buena - "Me and the girls were not the BEST of friends"

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Fraser McAlpine | 17:25 UK time, Monday, 29 October 2007

Mutya Buena

There's no-one in popular music whose name causes such instant eye-rolling reactions as Mutya Buena. She's clearly a widely-liked young lady, whose stint in the Sugababes is remembered with great fondness...but she's also the girl whose public image is that of a perma-scowling grump, content to spend most of her glorious success glaring at people, haughtily, and looking like someone who has just been forced to eat a lemon, rind and all.

Mutya BuenaSo, a formidable, and scary potential interviewee, right? Well, kind of, except, as it turns out, we're sort of old friends...AND she's nowhere near as frosty as her image would suggest, as you will find out by listening...

What I Expected:I've interviewed Mutya a couple of times before, and she was always the Sugababe most likely to fix you with a withering stare as if she couldn't quite believe anyone would DARE to ask such a stupid question.
What I Did Not Expect: "One second...let me take off my jacket"...there are moments in the first few minutes when it sounds like she's juggling milk bottles..."if I didn't have my music I don't think I'd be in this industry, cos I'd end up killing everyone"...


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Your ChartBlog interviewer was: Fraser McAlpine

Here's the video for 'Just A Little Bit', which is out now.

Mutya Buena is also available in website form...
And MySpace form...


  1. At 09:48 AM on 31 Oct 2007, kt wrote:

    mutya is so real like her songs and i just love them xxx

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