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Team ChartBlog Meet Madina Lake...

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Fraser McAlpine | 18:00 UK time, Tuesday, 2 October 2007


See that young lady on the left? That's Kerri. ChartBlog regulars will know Kerri, as she often puts comments up about music and modern culture and stuff. She's also a member of the ChartBlog Street Team, and her favourite two bands in the world are My Chemical Romance, and Madina Lake. The lady on the far right hand side is Kerri's cousin Kirsty.

Notice anything exciting about the other people in this picture? That's right, they're Madina Lake. And the reason everyone is smiling (apart from Kerri's mum yelling "cheese!") is that Kerri has just spent 10 minutes interviewing her second favourite band in the world, and it's all thanks to ChartBlog.

madina_lake_kerri.jpgThe meeting happened backstage at the band's recent Birmingham gig, where they had graciously agreed to answer Kerri's best questions, and generally charm the living daylights out of everyone in the vicinity, which, as you'll see, they did rather well...

NOTE: Don't be too quick to mock if Kerri seems to be talking at SUPERHYPERSPEED at times, just imagine what you'd be like meeting your second favourite band in the world, and then try and talk calmly and slowly. Not so easy now, eh?

The first voice you will hear will be Kerri's, and she'll take it from there...


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Play the interviewPlay the interview


Click for picture galleryHere's a gallery of pics taken while the interview was going on. Ignore the stuff about Matthew, by all accounts he was lovely...

Your ChartBlog interviewer was: Kerri Clark
Special thanks to: Moira Rawlings of BBC Coventry and Warwickshire for the loan of the recording stuff.

Here's the video for 'Here I Stand'.

Madina Lake are also available in website form...
And MySpace form...


  1. At 06:53 PM on 02 Oct 2007, PBG wrote:

    OMG OMG OMG i would be like, so freaked out if that was me. I'dbetalkinglikethis and I wouldn't have any gaps between my words and everyone would give me death stares for being so weird....because I would at very weird indeed. Lol

  2. At 08:03 PM on 02 Oct 2007, Kirsty wrote:

    Oh Mi Gosh Its Meee =]

    This Was Teh Best Day Of My Life =] =] =]


  3. At 08:41 PM on 02 Oct 2007, Kerri wrote:

    opps, i meant to say influences derr :S i feel stupid now. and I DONT SOUND LIKE THAT!! or do i??

  4. At 08:45 PM on 02 Oct 2007, Marc Sanders wrote:

    hey kerri! u did a good job interviewing madina lake, really focused voice i must say hehe. Wow i mean i see u at sixth form everyday and its weird that you inteview my fav band ever madina lake that is so awesome though. Next time invite meeee lol joke but i would love to see them =).

    see u kerri


  5. At 09:40 PM on 02 Oct 2007, Tim wrote:

    kerri you did a great job.
    You should get her doing that more often.
    still jealous by the way...

  6. At 10:57 PM on 02 Oct 2007, Violent Divine wrote:

    Very impressed Kerri, thought the presentation was excellent and you both asked extremely good questions and kept your nerve during the whole interview. Personally speaking I probably would of gone to pieces and stuttered all over the place! As somebody who dosen't know much about the band I found it very interesting and has made me express more of an interest in their music.

    Well done sweets! :D


  7. At 10:55 AM on 03 Oct 2007, Loren Bennett wrote:

    I held Nathan's hand at the waterfront woooooo!!! i have the pictures to prove it ha!!! but omg asif!!!!!!!!!


  8. At 08:45 PM on 03 Oct 2007, Martyn H wrote:

    Although I've only heard good things about Kerri from Crossy it was nice to see (well hear) what the fuss is about. Kerri's interview was both well presented and well thought of in which she asked interesting questions and was unfazed about meeting the band. I admit I know little about Madina Lake but they come across as a nice bunch and Kerri's personality shone through as well Well done Martyn

  9. At 12:08 PM on 04 Oct 2007, Jamie wrote:

    Nice one Kerri, fantastic job! A future in journalism maybe?

    A bit dissapointed my chance meeting with Brandon Boyd in a Cardiff music store does not get a mention, mind you I was so star struck I didn't even think about getting a photo with him. Tsk!

  10. At 12:55 AM on 14 Oct 2007, Amz wrote:

    dude! These are my most FAVOURITE band in the whole wide world. And when I met them in May....i cudnt sleep for weeks afterwards :D And I was kinda like starin at them and was just like...hiiiiiii *giggle*
    Ur so lucky u interviewed em.....jelous!

  11. At 10:09 PM on 15 Oct 2007, Dean wrote:

    i think tht madina lake are the f***** best an i'm so jealous of kerri for interviewing them

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