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Los Campesinos! - Their Favourite Interview...EVER!

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Fraser McAlpine | 17:13 UK time, Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Los Campesinos! - Gareth highlighted

It's a truly beautiful thing when two people of a like mind really connect, you know? You'll both be going about your business, oblivious to each other, or maybe you've seen each other but don't really know how to get a conversation started. And then suddenly, by whatever strange magic these things happen, you find yourself deep in a conversation which no-one apart from other people who share the same interests could possibly understand (or, to be fair, would even want to).

Gareth Campesinos!And this is exactly what happed when I spoke to Gareth, the chief mouthpiece and glockenspiel-basher with Welsh super-indie tunesmiths Los Campesinos! All it took was a reference to early '90s riot grrrls Huggy Bear, and we were lost, hand in hand in indie trainspotterland.

Whether this is the kind of thing which makes for compelling listening is a whole other matter, of course. But I have provided a handy glossary underneath, for those moments when you're wondering what the hell is going on. Consider this a part of your cultural education, or something...

DISCLAIMER: None of the bands mentioned in this interview are made-up, and some of them are (or were) really very very good indeed.


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OK, as promised, here's your glossary of who the hell we were talking about. Hipsters, you already know this stuff, so proceed to the video clip. Feel free to come back and check when no-one's looking though...

Ian MacKaye
Amelia Fletcher
Huggy Bear
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci

The Riot Grrl Movement
Sarah Records

Your ChartBlog interviewer was: Fraser McAlpine

Here's the video for the band's current single, 'The International Tweexcore Underground', which has definite High School Musical overtones and is out this week...

Los Campesinos! are also available in website form...
And MySpace form...


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