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The ChartBlog Interview - Explain, White T's

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Fraser McAlpine | 17:52 UK time, Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Plain White T's

You might not have heard about this song 'Hey There Delilah' that's been doing the rounds a bit lately. It's by a band called Plain White T's, and it's been mildly popular with people, enjoying a moderately good run in the charts and opening a few new doors for the band in the process. I mean it's not the kind of song you'd want to get over-excited about, but still, a fair effort, right?

OK, all irony aside, 'Hey There Delilah' has been one of THE songs of the year, and therefore deserves to be pulled apart in some kind of intense interview situation, preferably with the man who wrote it, yes?

Dave T'sWell, that's certainly how it was SUPPOSED to go. But instead of Tom T (the man who wrote it), I got Dave T (the man who didn't), which probably scuppers the idea a little bit. But it would be rude to just ditch the whole thing with a diva strop, and as it turns out, Dave T was every bit as worthy an interviewee as Tom was sposed to be, so all is well.

What I Expected: A long and heartfelt talk about THE ISSUES behind the song, and how much PRESSURE a hit song like this can heap upon a band...
What I Did Not Expect: The wrong band member...to discover we might all be fundamentalling missing the point of the song...all within the first minute...


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Your ChartBlog interviewer was: Fraser McAlpine

Here's the video for 'Hey There Delilah', it's SO a letter, isn't it?


Plain White T's are also available in website form...
And MySpace form...


  1. At 07:14 PM on 12 Sep 2007, ninA wrote:

    You know, this sounds pretty serious as far as CB interviews go...
    Still, good interview. :D

    [I can do serious too. Well...klinda! - Fraser]

  2. At 08:01 PM on 13 Sep 2007, Sammie wrote:

    They are overrated and over played. Their other songs let them down. I feel as if they have been given a little too much airplay than the song deserves. They are nice people as a band, I just think that the song doesn't deserve all the attention.

  3. At 05:29 PM on 15 Sep 2007, jackie wrote:

    i saw them in concert a couple of weeks ago and got to meet them . they sound just as good in concert as they do on the cd . and they are really sweet guys .

  4. At 11:46 AM on 17 Sep 2007, Piers wrote:

    Hey There Delilah is a great song. However i wasn't sure whether i would like their album Every Second Counts. I listened to it once and i was suprised at how many top songs they have on the album. It's worth a listen for sure. Great band.

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