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How To Destroy...Mutya Buena

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Fraser McAlpine | 16:18 UK time, Tuesday, 7 August 2007

How To Destroy Mutya Buena

NOTE: Sometimes the simplest things hide the darkest secrets. Now, I'm not saying that anyone should try and actaully DO this. It's bad manners, and it may get you beaten to a pulp by some burly bouncer or other. Having said that, if you happen to become fixated by Mutya's deadly ice-stare, and don't know how to save yourself from imminent freezing, no need to drive erratic, now you've got options, OK?

How To Destroy Other Pop Stars....


  1. At 11:13 AM on 08 Aug 2007, Sev wrote:

    Ha ha ha brilliant.............

  2. At 03:53 PM on 08 Aug 2007, mary wrote:

    nice to know there's always an option :-))))

  3. At 03:36 PM on 09 Aug 2007, elle wrote:

    lol mutyas still great though!

  4. At 03:36 PM on 09 Aug 2007, emans wrote:


  5. At 04:21 PM on 26 Sep 2007, Amy wrote:

    Oooh! Maybe something would happen if u removed that thing!! WOOHOO!

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