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Fraser McAlpine | 15:38 UK time, Friday, 29 June 2007

DuffRemember a while ago how I was after fan questions for Duff McKagen out of Guns 'n' Roses / Velvet Revolver? Well, after a quite complicated series of events, the interview finally happened this week, and it's RIGHT HERE!

What I Expected: The word 'duuuude' to crop up a lot...plenty of legendary tales...some hard-won wisdom from a man who has 'been there'...to get a little over-excited to be in the presence of Rock Royalty...
What I Did Not Expect: To find myself saying "no, I've never sexed an elephant" within a minute of the interview starting...

Now before you listen, can I quickly thank everyone who sent questions in. If you did and your question wasn't asked, I'm truly sorry, but as you can tell if you listen, Duff is a very talkative man, and has the kind of stories you don't come across from your average indie band, so it's hard not to just end up chatting...


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Your ChartBlog interviewer was: Fraser M

Here's Velvet Revolver's new single 'She Builds Quick Machines'

Velvet Revolver are also available in website form...
And MySpace form...


  1. At 06:29 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Bella wrote:

    Hi Duff! The new VR material is *really* great, and She Builds is the best video you've done so far!

    My question is, you guys mentioned wanting to pick a different first single from the one the record company ended up picking for you from Libertad. What song did the band want?

  2. At 06:48 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Fellina wrote:

    Have you ever been asked to be a part of "the simpsons" tv show?

  3. At 07:09 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Carmen wrote:

    Hey Duff! I love what I've heard of the new album from the live webstreams and the aol samples. I'd like to say a big thank you to you guys for allowing those live shows. They've kicked major ass and really brought a smile to my face!

    Okay, to the question!

    What was the hardest thing that Velvet Revolver had to overcome in its existence?


  4. At 07:20 PM on 14 Jun 2007, lynn wrote:

    One thing I've wondered about, in regard to VR's conception = you guys always talk about the benefit show and how it was the first time Matt, Slash, & Duff had played together in one rehearsal place/stage since, well, since....., and how there was this chemistry. But, you 3 guys did play together, before that (in the yrs after your previous band) - at the very least, there was Sundance. So, what was different about previous gigs, as compared to later (the Castillo benefit)? I mean, why do you guys say the benefit show was the first time in yrs, when it wasn't?

    Hope that makes sense. It's probably something only I would wonder about, but I've always been curious.......

  5. At 07:48 PM on 14 Jun 2007, CJ wrote:

    hey duff,

    saw you in manchester and it was fantastic!

    Just want to know, which is your favourite song off the new album ?

    and also :

    Which album do you prefer personally, Contraband or Libertad ?

    The new songs sound tight as hell and it was ace rocking out with you guys.

    Cant wait for the album !


  6. At 08:19 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Dean Rankin wrote:

    Hi Duff, first off I'd like to say thanks for a great show in Glasgow last week & thanks for handing your plectrum straight to my brother (he was startstruck).

    I was wondering whether there is any current or future plans for a Duff McKagen autobiography?

    Also, What's your current opinions on the modern rock scene?

    and are their any plans for a full UK tour once 'Libertad' is released?

    thanks alot!

  7. At 08:51 PM on 14 Jun 2007, kathryn wrote:

    hullo duff. new vr stuff sounds great. that video is awesome as well!

    I heard you ran a marathon a while back. what was that like?

  8. At 09:09 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Nicholas Short wrote:

    I'm a big fan of Velvet Revolver. Are you planning to do any concerts during this summer in the UK? So I'm wondering if you are going to Newcastle upon Tyne sometime in the future because I really want to see VR. I realise you are doing concerts soon however I am at school on those nights and they are far away - im only 12 years old! I play loads of songs of vr on the guitar.

  9. At 09:12 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Katy wrote:

    Hi Duff, two questions for you:

    1) In photos taken during the making of Libertad we saw you with a double bass. Did it make it onto the finished album and is there any chance we'll see you playing it live?

    2) Are you awear there is an online petition (http://www.petitiononline.com/BDcamp/petition.html) for the release of your album, Beautiful Disease, and (assuming its possible) would you ever consider going back and trying to make this truly exceptional album avaliable for those fans who aren't lucky enough to find a bootleg copy?

    On behalf of all your fans, and esspecially your second fan club - the Duff Dolls - thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

    Looking forward to seeing you back in the UK soon!

  10. At 09:14 PM on 14 Jun 2007, olzy wrote:

    yo yo yo

    oi oi Duff

    She Bulds Quck Machines is spot on by the way!

    this question i've always wanted ta know and i dont think anyones ever coverd this...with ya pancras exploading, why is it just alchohol you cant drink anymore or is there anything elce and do you have to be careful what you eat and drink say like ya cant eat x-mas pudding coz it has alcohol in etc!

  11. At 09:16 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Nicholas wrote:

    I'm a big fan of Velvet Revolver. I have relised that you are going to Manchester and glasgow in the summer. But I cant go to those ones because its on a school night and its to far away to go. So im wondering if you are going to Newcastle Upon Tyne in the future because I really want to see Velvet Revolver. I can play loads of the contrabands songs on my guitar. Im 12 Years old.

  12. At 09:34 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Carmen wrote:

    Sorry I'm posting again...but I forgot to ask you when the tour announcement will happen for the summer gigs in North America? And is there a specific range of dates you'll be touring in North America you can reveal? I'm dying to see you guys come up to Canada!

    Thankies Duff!


  13. At 09:47 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Nick Woods wrote:

    Hey Duff!

    Let me start by saying you rock! I loved GNR (they just ain't the same anymore now that its just a load of nobodys and some guy who's name escapes me because he's not made a record in 14 years!) and I love VR! I saw you guys in Manchester back in 2005 - man that was one great show!

    When VR started off, you began by playing some of the smaller venues across the US and now your current tour includes some of the more intimate venues too. Was it strange for you, Slash and Matt to go back to playing the smaller gigs after selling out stadiums and arenas with GNR? Is it something you have to adapt to?

    Also, there were a few songs with GNR that you had lead vocals on (So Fine, You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory, Attitude to name but a few). Do you want to do a song or two on lead vocals with VR in the future?

    There are so many questions I want to ask but I'll let someone else have a go!

    Cheers dude
    YOU ROCK!!!

  14. At 10:15 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Janean wrote:


    Found any good crossword books lately? NO, that's not the question. On this summer's U.S. tour with AIC any chance you will be performing with the fellas 'in Chains?' See ya on the homefront.

    Luv ya.

  15. At 10:21 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Charles Blair Barry wrote:

    A hoy hoy Duff, it's great of you to take questions, we the fans really appreciate this.

    First off I have to comment on the kick ass show VR put on in Toronto last May, it's hard to believe but it seems as if you guys keep getting better.

    I also attended the "Libertad" listening party held at the Edge radio station and I couldn't help but notice that the song " Messages" or " Messages They Left" wasn't on the album.

    What ever happened to that song?

    Cheers and I hope that you and Matt really do write your book, "Duff McKagan, the Illusion Years" as resited by Matt Sorum :)

    - Blair

  16. At 10:53 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Øystein wrote:

    Hi Michael!

    Loved the video! Think this album will kick some ass!

    I know your supposed to be answering question about the new album, but since I'm an old fan of yours, I've always wanted to ask u a few questions.

    I've always loved your work, and one of the best albums in my collection is Belive in me! I think that shows what a great music composer you are, and that's what I think made GNR that big and still make VR kick ass. U know, all the different influences you guys had back then. Not to be rude, but I would love some more of the punky edge u give to your music on the next album bro! Is there a possibility of a new solo album soon?

    Some more questions for u:

    Do you ever read fanforums?

    Your personal favourite on the new album?

    What's the reason behind your bands name?

    Do u think Chinese Democrazy will ever see the day? What do u think of the new shit?

    Who's the main composer i VR?

    Will the world ever see a official book about u?

    love n' peace man!

  17. At 11:07 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Beth Ann O'Toole wrote:

    Duff, What advice/words of wisdom would you pass along to an up and coming guitar player. Their band is just starting to get known and open for bigger acts.

    This is coming from a mom who loved GNR and follows VR up and down the east coast. I want him to make it in the rock and roll world. I would treasure your advice.

    Beth Ann

  18. At 11:08 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Sandi wrote:

    Duff, you're a legend man! Love your work, love your style, just been a huge fan forever...and the band is on fire!!!
    Ok, I saw you give your daughters a hug/kiss b4 going on stage (in England?) so what do they think of your job? Do you make them plug their ears when Scott screams "m*****f*****!", etc?

    Do they - and the rest of the guys' families - tour with the band often and do you all prefer to have them along or to stay at home?

    Also, my 11yo son wants to ask how many different guitars you use and do you tune your bass low, high, or average?

    Thanks so much and Godspeed to you and the rest of the band!

  19. At 11:18 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Sandi wrote:

    Oh, yeah...
    you look amaaazingggg!!!!!
    What do you do to keep in shape or what is your work-out routine and are you able to stick with it on tour?
    How about the rest of the guys - are they into working out as well?
    xoxoxoxoxo (hugs & kisses for the whole band)

  20. At 11:55 PM on 14 Jun 2007, Zac wrote:

    Hey Duff,

    New music is sounding KILLER!

    My questions are:

    Did you play any other instruments (other than bass) on the new album? What, if at all, did you use to get some different sounds on the new album?

    Where is your favorite place in the world to play?

  21. At 12:33 AM on 15 Jun 2007, Tristan Friedman wrote:

    How did the new songs come about and what was the process like?

  22. At 01:40 AM on 15 Jun 2007, joan Baker wrote:

    who is your favorite sister ?

  23. At 01:44 AM on 15 Jun 2007, tim baker wrote:

    Will you write me a serious song called punk rotten and nasty.......

  24. At 02:30 AM on 15 Jun 2007, Alex Silady wrote:

    Any chance of Duff's highly underrated solo album Beautiful Disease ever seeing the light of day, officially released that is?

  25. At 02:38 AM on 15 Jun 2007, Jillian wrote:

    Duff, you're my hero! I saw VR live for the first time at the Starland Ballroom about a month ago... I'm just curious, what's the scar in the middle of your chest from?


  26. At 06:16 AM on 15 Jun 2007, Jim Bob wrote:

    Hi Duff ! I can't wait for the new VR album. Just Sixteen is my favorite new song so far.

    My questions :

    Who's guilty for GNR break-up ?

    When will GNR reunion happen ?

    Thanks a lot.

  27. At 07:53 AM on 15 Jun 2007, Karan wrote:

    I am a big VR fan and just a week ago got to see the Rock Am Ring gig via Livestream and it was a killer!

    Let me get to the questions:-

    1. Back when you guys were recording Libertad, you had mentioned a song called WASTED HEART. When we fans got to know about the actual Libertad tracklist, many of us were disappointed when the song wasn't on the list.. so what i wanted to ask you was did the song get renamed or did it come down to the song losing out as the album had to eventually get chopped down to a 13 song killer?

    2. Have you guys thought of coming to India for a tour given its growing Hard Rock-Metal craze?

    3. When compared to the recording of Contraband, how different have the roles of every member in the band shaped up leading to the Libertad sound?

  28. At 08:42 AM on 15 Jun 2007, Erik Stedman wrote:

    Hey Duff,

    Have you any plans for another solo CD in the back of your mind? maybe for a future release? or would you consider singing part/full song on future VR albums?


    hurry back to Newcastle UK please!

  29. At 12:17 PM on 15 Jun 2007, Vannii wrote:

    Hi you!

    My question is more specific:

    Have you (solo or with Loaded) ever performed your beautiful song 'Rain' live in concert and if not, what's the reason why?

    Thank you!

    Thank you, Fraser, for the opportunity to ask our questions. The others already asked about Duff's solo album and singing, so I'm not going to repeat the questions, but please do ask him those questions and also let Duff know we love his solo work and his voice.

    Thanks again!


  30. At 12:39 PM on 15 Jun 2007, Busayo wrote:

    Hey there Duff! Couldn't make it to the Manchester show, really bummed out about that.

    My question is about the band, and how hard you guys have had to fight the whole media thing to prove them all wrong. Do you think that the whole underdog thing is what makes you stand out, or if it would have been better if everything had been a smooth ride?

    Sorry it's so long. Please make another album (SBQM ROCKS!) and continue to rock our socks off!

  31. At 12:53 PM on 15 Jun 2007, Christina wrote:

    Hey Duff,
    First of all, thanks a lot for those awsome shows you guys put together. I saw you in London, and you rock!!!

    I have a couple of questions for you.

    1) Is there any particular place (that you have not visited before) where you would like to play?

    2) How do you balance your time between your career and your family? Do Susan and the girls tour with you always?

    Well, I guess that's it. Rock on!!

  32. At 02:22 PM on 15 Jun 2007, Linney wrote:

    Hi Duff!

    Which is your fav Guns N'Roses song besides "It's so easy"?
    Plus, I miss the GNR days so bad, just wish you could do more of that stuff in VR...sorry, but GNR rocked too much to ever be compared to VR...you guys were legends!!

    Stay cool

  33. At 02:33 PM on 15 Jun 2007, Jonny wrote:

    Hey Duff!

    I saw you play in Northern Ireland way back in June 2005 and it was an incredible show. So thank you.

    As Ulster and Northern Ireland are to do with your heritage, was that gig special to you at all? And do you plan to come back here with Velvet Revolver on perhaps the second leg of the European tour? Please say yes!

  34. At 02:35 PM on 15 Jun 2007, Ignacio wrote:

    Duff: What would you say was the best gig you have ever played? It doesn't matter if it was for 60.000 people, or in a small bar back in the 80's, just wondering which one do you enjoy the best!

    Thanks, Argentina loves you


  35. At 04:01 PM on 15 Jun 2007, Mateusz T. wrote:

    Hello Duff! What do you think about Steven Adler talking about a G N' R reunion? Do you think you can sort out your differences with Axl?

  36. At 06:46 PM on 15 Jun 2007, Gill wrote:

    Hey Duff saw ya in Manchester awesome show, will there be a DVD released of the tour and if so when?

    Big love to you and all the guysxxx

  37. At 09:54 AM on 16 Jun 2007, Clacko wrote:

    Hi Duff - first off, great song, great video. Saw you guys at the Apollo and the band is awesome live.

    Two questions: compared to the UYI tour in 1992/3 you are in great shape - how do you keep fit?

    Also, do you think there is a possibility, however remote, that sometime in the future (after VR) an original GnR line-up tour could happen?


  38. At 09:58 AM on 16 Jun 2007, Clacko wrote:

    Hi Duff - first off, great song, great video. Saw you guys at the Apollo and the band is awesome live.

    Two questions: compared to the UYI tour in 1992/3 you are in great shape - how do you keep fit?

    Also, do you think there is a possibility, however remote, that sometime in the future (after VR) an original GnR line-up tour could happen?


  39. At 10:23 AM on 16 Jun 2007, Dan wrote:

    Hey Duff, i just wanted to know from your own perspective: How does being a part of the huge success that is Velvet Revolver, compare or contrast to the worldwide domination that Guns N' Roses achieved in the 80's and 90's?

    Dan :P

  40. At 12:05 PM on 16 Jun 2007, michael theobold wrote:

    yo duff am michael from liverpool i was at your manchester gig front row an you threw your plec to me and i caught matts drum stick, i am still in shock id like to say thanks for that but now on to the question i watched the video for " she builds quick machines" and would like to know what was your favourite part in the vid? it would mean alot to me if this question gets asked and thanks again

  41. At 02:13 PM on 16 Jun 2007, Sarah Cassata wrote:

    Did Steven Adler really threaten you about his "spaghetti?", Whats the real story behind "The Spaghetti Incidents?" name?

  42. At 02:22 PM on 16 Jun 2007, Karan wrote:

    Hey Duff,

    Some more questions....

    1. What do you think this age of music (Rock) is lacking when compared to the 90's?

    2. Which band (your favourite) u've never seen live would you like to watch in a concert today?

    Am a Bass beginner and would love to know how you started off on Bass back in those days?

    Thank you,


    - Karan.

  43. At 03:27 PM on 16 Jun 2007, coby wrote:

    Hi Duff!

    My question:

    Looking back on your life and career, if you could do it all over again, would you do it the same way or are there things you'd do differently? what things?

  44. At 04:12 PM on 16 Jun 2007, Dale wrote:

    Could you please tell the story about when you thought Steven had been kidnapped, and you went around Sunset Boulevard with a loaded shotgun?

    Loving the new single,


  45. At 04:32 PM on 16 Jun 2007, Julie Green wrote:

    Hi there,

    Sadly missed your gig in Glasgow. Hope you will return again soon.
    Where did you get the title for Libertad? How does this compare with your first record?

  46. At 09:03 PM on 16 Jun 2007, Rick T. wrote:

    My name is Rick,
    Im 14 Years young,
    Been a fan of GNR for some time now,
    Just wondering,
    If all things cleared with Axl,
    Would you be willing to do a reunine tour
    with Slash, Izzy, Steven and Axl??
    Now I know things will possibley NEVER clear
    with Axl,
    But just for a second if they did,
    Would you?

    Thanks, --Rick

    PS: Looking forward to the new VR cd!

  47. At 09:26 PM on 16 Jun 2007, john wrote:

    How Much Money Would It Take to reunite the original guns n' roses members for a one-off stadium show in England and America.
    2 Quid???

  48. At 10:16 PM on 16 Jun 2007, Nick wrote:

    Do you still get the same buzz from touring now, as you did back in the late 80's/early 90's?

  49. At 11:04 PM on 16 Jun 2007, Annabel wrote:

    Hey Duff.
    Saw you in Cardiff and you rocked!

    You have a really amazing sound on the bass that's completely unique. How do you create that sound? Is it a specific amp or do you customise your guitar?
    Oh and one more question: would you play at my 18th?? Pleeeease? I'm such a huge fan - it's worth a shot! :D

    Thanks! X

  50. At 11:09 PM on 16 Jun 2007, Annabel wrote:

    Hey Duff.
    Saw you in Cardiff and you rocked!

    You have a really amazing sound on the bass that's completely unique. How do you create that sound? Is it a specific amp or do you customise your guitar?

    Libertad is going to be so awesome, can't wait :D

  51. At 01:33 AM on 17 Jun 2007, Carmen wrote:

    Hey again...so I thought of yet another question...lol.

    Are you guys going to be lengthening your setlist after Libertad drops?


  52. At 02:20 AM on 17 Jun 2007, Mary Beth wrote:

    Hi Duff! Much appreciation for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions! I am sure that you are sick of all of the Guns questions so I am going to go in completely different direction!

    Your fans know that prior to Velvet Revolver you were attending college to obtain your degree in finance. Have you obtained your degree?

    Who is the one musician you would like to play with? (Given your extensive musical career and contributions to various genres of music, county, punk, rock, etc is there anyone that you haven't played with? ;-)

    In many interviews you discuss having a vast catalog of songs for both Contraband and Libertad (I believe you said that there were 50 or so songs). What happens to the songs that you don't choose to work on? What happens to the songs that were completed but not included on Contraband or Libertad?

    To dovetail the question asked by Bella (Question #1) have you (as a band) considered releasing an internet single, which would be available exclusively for download, which could be the song the band felt should be the first single or a song not included on Libertad or the EP "Melody and the Tyranny"?

    As a musician, how do you feel about the advancement of technology and the easy accessibility of music (either legally or illegally) through the internet through such outlets as Napster, myspace, or iTunes?

    Whatever happened to the song "The House is Alive" which was apparently recorded for the movie "Monster House" but did not appear in the film or on the soundtrack?

    What was the last book you read?

    Ok..last question, do you eat sugar? If not, do you choose not to (as part of your workout regimen) or are you unable to as a result of your pancreas?

    Thanks again for answering the questions, see you in August on the tour!

  53. At 09:25 AM on 17 Jun 2007, Mateusz T. wrote:

    Hi Duff do you know thyat you look like Steve Clark?

    What are your favorite 80's hard rock bands?

  54. At 09:31 AM on 17 Jun 2007, Mateusz T. wrote:

    Hi, do you make friends with fans?
    Hey, I would like to invite you to poland, It's a beautiful country and you've never been here, Idon't know why 'cause It's not an exotic or poor country.

  55. At 12:22 PM on 17 Jun 2007, Rob Tempest wrote:

    Ay up Duff!!

    My question is, what is the true story behind GNR breakup? theres lods of stories knockin about but no doubt they are biased and bein blown out of proportion.



  56. At 12:27 PM on 17 Jun 2007, Michelle wrote:

    Hi Duff! First I have to say that the EP and all of the new material kicks some serious ass, I can´t wait for the album.

    You guys were beyond great yesterday (June 16th), hopefully you had as much fun on the stage as we did in the audience. ;)

    As for the questions, if my memory serves me right, I think you said you had made about 50 songs for Libertad while working with Rick Rubin, but there´s only 13 songs on the album. What I´d like to know is what happens to the leftover songs? Do they maybe appear on Libertad´s follow -up?

    Oh, and what´s your all-time favorite movie and why?

    I appreciate it if you take the time to answer these questions, I know you´re busy. Lots of love, and hope to see you soon on concert. :)

  57. At 01:04 PM on 17 Jun 2007, cousin it wrote:

    Dude , how do you maintain your sobriety ? I did 15+ years on a maintenance program , been clean (no opi's) 10 years and it's a battle.

  58. At 06:14 PM on 17 Jun 2007, Ignat wrote:

    Hi,Duff. I'm from Russia And I'm a big Fan of VR. My Questions are:

    You are you thinkin' about visit Russia? You know, there are very Hot People and Very Hot Vodka here...

    What do you feel nowadays playin' with Slash & Matt? Have your feelings changed since you played when You was 20 years old?

  59. At 06:19 PM on 17 Jun 2007, sam wrote:

    there are SOOO many funs out there "including me" that hope on a gnr reunion so u can ask him if he would ever participate in the original gnr line-up for a few shows like slash said he would, 2 months ago.

  60. At 07:01 PM on 17 Jun 2007, Candy wrote:

    This is a real question.

    Today, June 18th, is my 39th birthday...will you PLEASE wish me a Happy Birthday????????????

  61. At 09:22 PM on 17 Jun 2007, Murray Sturrock wrote:

    Hey Duff, I love Velvet REvolver and Guns N Roses and was woundering if their is any advice you would give anyone in being in a rock band? and what bands from the brittish rock scene do you like?

    I'm getting the new album as soon as possible because I love you uys!!!

  62. At 10:15 PM on 17 Jun 2007, Alan wrote:

    hey duff

    i was lucky enough to catch the hammersmith and manchester shows you played on june 5th and june 11th, and saw you before the gig in manchester where you signed a young girls shoe.

    what's the weirdest thing you've signed?

    and a more serious question which of your own riffs and drum beats are your favourites?


  63. At 10:43 PM on 17 Jun 2007, Billy wrote:

    Hey Duff. Been a fan since way back. I dig all your work, actually my all time favorite album is probably 'Beautiful Disease'. Is there any chance that will see the light of day ? Love all that i have heard off of Libertad, sounds great.

    Neurotic Outsiders also kicked loads of ass, any chance of you guys every playing together again ? I know you all played a short set at a Camp Freddy gig, that was a great band !!!!

  64. At 11:31 PM on 17 Jun 2007, Lewis Dickerson wrote:

    Hey Duff! Saw you guys at Hammersmith a couple of weeks ago for the 3rd time ; truely awesome!


    Where do you see the musical future of Velvet Revolver as well as your own heading?



  65. At 01:45 AM on 18 Jun 2007, Robyn Munro wrote:

    Hi Duff

    Your life looks pretty perfect right now, you have a beautiful family, fantastic career and seem to be having the time of your life, not to mention bouncing back from the near dead. Is there anything from your life that you would go back and change given the chance, or do you think what we do in our past makes us who we are today?

    PS - Thanks for playing Glasgow the other week, you guys were fantastic!!

  66. At 02:01 AM on 18 Jun 2007, Ian Crowdy wrote:


    A couple of things, Are Velvet Revolver ever coming to New Zealand and secondly do you ever think that the original GnR will ever get back together or has Axl demolished any chances of that happening?

  67. At 02:40 AM on 18 Jun 2007, Stevan Gallacher wrote:

    Do you enjoy playing the new stuff live before the album drops in order to judge the crowd reaction, or do you prefer playing them after the record is released?

    PS. She Mine and Let It Roll are the two greatest songs of the year!


  68. At 05:33 AM on 18 Jun 2007, me again wrote:

    Hi there Duff
    one more question:
    What did you get this father's day? :)
    me again

  69. At 09:33 AM on 18 Jun 2007, kathryn wrote:

    sorry for posting again, thought of some more questions

    whats your favourite bassline ever?

    will you be coming back to the UK soon?

    are there any newish bands around you like?

    which is your favourite country to visit on tour?

  70. At 09:36 AM on 18 Jun 2007, Rebekah Vasey wrote:

    Duff your hair is gorgous, what do you wash it with?

  71. At 10:14 AM on 18 Jun 2007, Bekah Vasey wrote:

    Do you think the new video for 'she bulids quick machines' is reminisant of the old videos you did with GN'R?

    Also my mom would like to know what's your favourite type of milkshake? and do you like to wear velvet?

    Love you then now and forever.

  72. At 11:19 AM on 18 Jun 2007, Ravi wrote:

    Hey Duff how u doin man?Firstly wana let u know that she builds quick machines is such an awesome track and according to me Velvet revolver are dfntly the best rock n roll band on the planet at the moment! Quick question for you,I heard Slash mentioned a couple of weeks ago that he didnt want to perform guns n roses songs anymore with velvet revolver and said it would be better if you guys could perform with guns n roses in a gig and perform the old classic gnr songs..Any chance of that happening in the near future?

  73. At 01:30 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Doug wrote:

    Do you have any regrets from playing in GnR that you have tried to turn around since you have been in Velvet Revolver?

    For instance, something you didn't do but now have?

  74. At 01:51 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Melly wrote:

    hello. what is your favorite song of all time? whoop

  75. At 02:20 PM on 18 Jun 2007, paddy wrote:

    Hey Duff!!!You are an absolute legend by the way!!!!My question is what is slash like to work with and also what is your favourite G 'n' R song?!?!?

  76. At 02:54 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Mellissa Rogers wrote:

    I want to learn bass or guitar, how should i start?

    Oh and will you and slash have my babies?

  77. At 05:33 PM on 18 Jun 2007, andreas wrote:

    Best guns n roses song, in your opinion?
    That was a mainstream question.

  78. At 06:58 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Helen wrote:

    Ok, it's a little late now, but i just wanted to say PLEASE come back to the Uk in the summer!!!
    Loads of fans over here who didn't get to see you due to big exams etc. happening at the time

    Love VR and all you guys! Rock on!!!

  79. At 10:41 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Bettina wrote:

    Hi! How do you feel in the south america tour in special in argentina? I'm from uruguay and was amazing you rock that place!!!!! We're waiting to Libertad
    Thank you for still play rock!!!!!!!!!!

  80. At 06:08 PM on 20 Jun 2007, NRnn wrote:

    Hey Fraser, thank you for this, I have a question for you, not for Duff - where do we have to click to listen to the interview?

    Thank you so much!
    Duff rocks!


  81. At 05:05 PM on 21 Jun 2007, Dale wrote:

    Yea...where do we get hold of the interview?

    [Apologies for the delay, you'll have to bear with me a wee while yet, as the time of the interview has had to be rescheduled. I'm after getting this up as soon as possible though. Thanks for your patience (assuming you're being patient, obv) - Fraser]

  82. At 06:49 PM on 28 Jun 2007, Gez wrote:

    Hey Duff, just wondering if you got plans too make anymore albums aside of Velvet Revolver in the future. Heard Slash say he would love to make a solo album one day, so im hoping you kinder wanna do something like that :D

    And also whos idea was it too put dont drop that dime on Libertad? whos the country lover in the group.

    Thanks... Gez

  83. At 12:38 PM on 05 Jul 2007, callum wrote:

    hey just one question you might hav heard it before but will you ever try and get back in contact with axl rose

  84. At 12:43 PM on 06 Jul 2007, Rebekah wrote:

    thank you so much for asking my question

    What I Did Not Expect: To find myself saying "no, I've never sexed an elephant" within a minute of the interview starting...

    haha yeh that was cos of me :D

    [Thank you right back! - Fraser]

  85. At 08:34 PM on 09 Dec 2007, MARIA FENIX wrote:

    duff i love you you are the best bassist of all the time but iremenver youhave a wife ..........come on to venezuela please.................................................i9 love you so much ..................scott is a daddy slash a rocks monsters ...........ilove you velvet revolver

  86. At 08:50 PM on 09 Dec 2007, MARIA FENIX wrote:

    duff i love you you are the best bassist of all the time but iremenver youhave a wife ..........come on to venezuela please.................................................i9 love you so much ..................scott is a daddy slash a rocks monsters ...........ilove you velvet revolver

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