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Avril Lavigne - 'When You're Gone'

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Fraser McAlpine | 09:58 UK time, Thursday, 28 June 2007

AvrilGranted, everyone knows Avril can pull off a power ballad here and there, particularly after the likes of 'I'm With You'. But having had the super-bratty 'Girlfriend' perma-stamped into our psyches for the past few months, a track like this sure can take you by surprise. Isn't this supposed to be the new, bright-and-bubbly pop Avril? What's she doing being all SINCERE all of a sudden? My brain can't take it! THE PAIN!

Just kidding. As a compliment to the effervescent 'Girlfriend', this is a startling change of pace, but taken on its own, it’s truly haunting, and in the best sense of the word. From the delicate piano ‘n’ strings intro, to the laid-back swell of the chorus, this takes a look underneath a brash pop persona, uncovering a real human being underneath, sitting alone in a little heap and muttering “I’m SO not okay right now".

So, not a tune to play when you're getting ready to go out, but it more than meets the criteria for looking pained (or more likely angst-filled) while moseying around town. I could even go so far to say that anyone willing to walk along the street imagining themselves into their own ‘When You’re Gone’ music video is probably not alone. Just watch out for anyone attempting to cross the road, and then deliberately looking both ways in a very dramatic, slow-motion way. In their minds, they are Avril.

And hell, the middle eight will even allow you to stretch to a heavy, grumpy-stomp to the lines “and all I ever wanted was for you to know, everything I do I give my heart and soul, I can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me yeeAAAHH!” And let’s face it, that’s what we all look for in a good Avril single, right?

So with lyrics as identifiable as ever and it also being a clever little device to show everyone that no, she hasn’t 'sold out', she’s still the same Avril…only BETTER, who can complain? If you want to skip listen to ‘Girlfriend’ and if you want to stomp listen to ‘When You’re Gone’.

And if you want both…get the album – perfect!

Four starsDownload: Out now
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June 25th

(Sophie W)


  1. At 11:46 AM on 28 Jun 2007, Shannon wrote:

    This song is soo amazing , i love this song because not all song hav a meaning and this one does .
    This song has blown my mind i lovee it ! =)

  2. At 12:25 PM on 28 Jun 2007, sam wrote:

    hey whats up fall out boy rule! don't ya think

  3. At 12:26 PM on 28 Jun 2007, sam wrote:

    hey whats up fall out boy rule! don't ya think have you heard Avril's

  4. At 12:26 PM on 28 Jun 2007, sam wrote:

    hey whats up fall out boy rule! don't ya think have you heard Avril's song

  5. At 12:27 PM on 28 Jun 2007, sam wrote:

    have you heard run away?

  6. At 12:27 PM on 28 Jun 2007, sam wrote:

    have you heard run away?

  7. At 01:04 PM on 11 Jul 2007, kerry wrote:

    i love your new song it is very good i love singing to it it is very good

  8. At 11:09 PM on 13 Jul 2007, dave wrote:

    this song really speaks to people that not everybody has good days... its such a nice song... and the music video nearly made me cry and this is a new lightr on Avril since the song @girlfriend@ even though that song was really good... THIS IS BETTER!

  9. At 09:59 PM on 28 Jul 2007, PBG wrote:

    I love this song so much. When I first saw this on the Hits, I sat there and watched it instead of turning it over cause I don't usually like her songs. I don't know why, I think it was cause of the piano bit at the start. After I'd watched it, I actually sat there and cried so much because it reminded me of someone in my family who has cancer and we can't do anything about it. It just brought back bad memories of loads of bad stuff, and how much I miss my auntie. But they all had a kinda happy ending at the end, and I am so happy that Avril brought this song out as even though it made me cry, it made me remember how great all those people were I miss. Thank you so much Avril.

    [You're gonna make ME go now...*sniff* - Fraser]

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