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Pump Up The 'Jam!

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Fraser McAlpine | 16:52 UK time, Thursday, 31 May 2007

Unklejam - Bobby arrows

I've said this before, I'm sure, but IF you're in a band, and you're about to write a would-be hit single, and you want to avoid answering a whole heap of really idiotic questions when the time comes to promote it, PLEASE dont give your new song too interesting a title, eh?

Paolo Nutini must have been asked about when he last bought new shoes at least nine squintillion times by now, and Rihanna just plain WILL NOT talk about how she keeps dry in a downpour. These are the risks you take when you play games with being interesting in song title form.

So c'mon, bands, keep it bland, eh?. We don't want another Academy Is... situation on our hands, now do we?

Bobby JoelClearly this advice came far too late for electro-soul three-piece Unklejam , as their new single is called 'What Am I Fighting For'. A title which lends itself to endless inquiries about fisticuffs, duels, bullying and all sorts. So, you've got to feel a little sorry for the band's preening Hawaiian, Bobby Joel, he clearly didn't know WHAT bizarre world he had stumbled into...at first.

What I Expected: Tales of schoolyard battles, some useful tips on how to survive a pasting, maybe even some thoughts about the use of diplomacy in a violent conflict and how your words are your best defense...
What I Did Not Expect: Bobby taking such a shine to my full name for starters. And then hearing imaginary music, before finally having to admit that he'd never been in a fight in his life. Surely leaving us with NOTHING to talk about..?

Well, perhaps, and perhaps not...


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And here the video for the song itself.

'What Am I Fighting For' gets the ChartBlog workover...
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