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New Rave, Meet Old Dave...

Fraser McAlpine | 16:42 UK time, Thursday, 24 May 2007

David ColeThis is Captain David Cole. He is not one of the Libertines' dads, nor is he wearing that uniform because military jackets are still really IN with the indie kids. No, David is dressed up like Jack White's butler because he's a member of the Central Band Of The Royal British Legion.

You may not be aware of the Central Band Of The Royal British Legion (or CeBanRoyBriLeg, to save space) and their many mighty works, but if I said they're a very good wind band (that's clarinets and oboes, not what YOU were thinking) and that they're the flagship band for the Royal British Legion, you'd be impressed, right?

Look, here they are...

The Central Band Of The Royal British Legion

Yes, they DO look like a fun lot, don't they? The kind of game bunch who would think nothing of tossing off a genius arrangement of a modern day chart-type song. Especially not if they were asked to do so very nicely by, say, a music-based blog, affiliated to a national radio station.

On that note, look, here's a picture of Klaxons. A slightly less fun-looking bunch, but they were probably tired...


Now, what do you suppose would happen if we took these two seemingly opposing bands and brought them together? Well, for starters those uniforms would probably get a lot brighter and more day-glo. This in turn could be dangerous. Bright clashing colours reflected off that massive tuba, well, you'd want to be wearing shades if you were, say, the second or third clarinettist.

Dress-code aside, what would happen if we took a song by a bunch of new ravers, and had it performed by the Central Band?

Would all music as we know it cease to exist? Would this fusion of youthful energy with old school know-how create a new race of superbeings? Would it be really, really rubbish, or really really good? There's really only one way to find out.

Ladies and Gentlemen, ChartBlog is very proud to present...

'Gravity's Rainbow' by Klaxons by The Central Band Of The Royal British Legion...

Isn't it something?

The Central Band Of The Royal British Legion are also available in MySpace form...
And the Klaxons are available in internet form...
As are the British Legion..


  1. At 09:38 PM on 24 May 2007, Kat wrote:

    Not a bad show for a bunch of butlers! How does he play that mad little stick thing though?!

  2. At 09:53 PM on 24 May 2007, emma wrote:

    i love the klaxons.
    anyway,here's a song spoiler for you:
    Jack Penate - torn on the platform
    is ruined by listening to
    The Housemartins - happy hour
    try it i'm right!

  3. At 10:35 PM on 24 May 2007, Rachel wrote:

    Wowww!!!! That's so great!!

    And now I think it's only fair that the Klaxons do something in return - Rule Britannia or Lily Marlene, maybe? No-one'll know WHAT they're listening to, any more!

  4. At 11:38 PM on 24 May 2007, Kat wrote:

    lmao.. nice one Rachel :P which one are you though??!

  5. At 04:27 PM on 25 May 2007, Tom Murrell wrote:

    This is awesome! Great to hear a big band version of the track

    Tom Murrell

  6. At 06:36 PM on 25 May 2007, Wendy Merritt wrote:

    CeBanRoyBriLeg fantastic - especially one Clarinet player who conducts a ladies choir!!

  7. At 12:57 AM on 26 May 2007, Twinklenotes wrote:

    WE ROCK!!!

  8. At 12:58 PM on 26 May 2007, Betty wrote:

    I love this. I am going to send this to all my friends. I might even and go and see this band, they are ace!

  9. At 06:55 PM on 26 May 2007, Lucy wrote:

    How ace is that?! Humorous and excellently executed. More please!

  10. At 08:32 PM on 26 May 2007, Rachel S wrote:

    Re. Kat: 'lmao.. nice one Rachel :P which one are you though??!'

    Sorry, took a while to reply...have been working/asleep.

    I'm the second one, and so I don't have to keep explaining, I'm going to be Rachel S now...how formal...*sigh*

  11. At 12:25 AM on 27 May 2007, Kat wrote:

    You could always just be Rach or something if you don't want to be so formal?

  12. At 10:41 AM on 27 May 2007, Mabel wrote:

    This is amazing!!!! Who is that bass player? Did they borrow the one from the Klaxons? Would love to hear more from the Central Band!

  13. At 12:37 PM on 31 May 2007, Steve Cornywall wrote:

    WOW!!! I've never heard anything as cool and inovative as that, Whoever recorded that did a fantastic job too. The recording guys/girls absolutly nailed it! Great work!!! Who are you??????

  14. At 06:11 PM on 06 Jul 2007, Popey wrote:

    As one of the band is a fellow teaching colleague she told me I had to write a comment - and the work they have done on this is brilliant!! Bring on the next set of covers

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