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How To Destroy...McFly

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Fraser McAlpine | 12:51 UK time, Tuesday, 29 May 2007

How To Destroy McFly

NOTE: Destroying McFly would be a terrible thing to do. Think about it, you destabilise the power-base at the top end of the boyband food-chain, and that just leaves room for the twin perils of a plague of Bel's Boys, or the re-emergence of the lesser spotted Westlife. But should your McFly infestation become overwhelming, well, you know what to do, OK?


  1. At 07:35 PM on 29 May 2007, rebecca wrote: nooooooooooooooo! do not get rid of mcfly they're the best!!! lol xxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. At 08:25 PM on 29 May 2007, julia wrote:

    i love McFLY.
    and no matter
    how much you
    dislike them,
    they're not going
    anywhere. sorry :'[

  3. At 08:30 PM on 29 May 2007, Olivia wrote:

    I know this is a joke and stuff, but why are you comparing McFly to Westlife, and all the other typical boybands?

    McFly actually write their own songs, write their own music, and play their own instruments!

    They may be boys in a band, but it doesn't mean they are the typical boyband!

    My McFly infestation is pretty overwhelming lol, but I will never lower myself to use the McFly spray!! :P

    [Good job too. Do we REALLY want Freefaller back? We do not. - Fraser]

  4. At 08:44 PM on 29 May 2007, Rebecca wrote:

    McFly are awesome!!!!!!
    don't make fun of them

    They are way way more talented than people like westlife.

    Mcfly Write their own songs play their own instruments what do westlife do? Nothing. All they do is cover songs and they basically never sing live.

    Mcfly are talented and amazing musicians. Don't dis them they have a loyal fan base who will always have something to say.

    [OK, you're missing the point a little here. McFly are all that stand between us pop-lovers and the evils of a Westlife-dominated chart. And as such, destroying them would be a BAD THING. Having said that, Westlife CAN sing live. I've heard it - Fraser]

  5. At 08:52 PM on 29 May 2007, laura wrote:

    ok thats not funny
    Dont compare mcfly to anything associated with westlife. they dont write or play their own songs. Ta

  6. At 08:56 PM on 29 May 2007, laura wrote:

    uhm no ta
    Dont associate mcfly with westlife.

    mcfly arnt going anywere just yet...

  7. At 08:58 PM on 29 May 2007, Kat wrote:

    So what're you supposed to do? Spray it at them or just smoosh them with it? :P

    Bands who don't write songs give songwriters a job. Sometimes songwriters more talented than bands who do write their own songs.

  8. At 08:58 PM on 29 May 2007, laura wrote:

    huh i don't get it :/....ps if its mean DON'T cause then you would have 2 put up with westlife 24/7 and that would be bad...hay instead of taking the p*** outta mcfly why not westlife?????

  9. At 09:03 PM on 29 May 2007, Kat wrote:

    Dudes!! The voice = an instrument.

    Just because it's not made of metal or wood or whatever doesn't make the sound it produces any less vital to the music, capiche?!

    And why would Westlife avoid singing live? Have you HEARD them live?

  10. At 09:15 PM on 29 May 2007, bex242 wrote:

    i think you should apologise.

    the mcfly street team have been discussing this blog and have come to the conclusion that you should make an official apology to mcfly and the mcfly street team

    [I'm sorry you don't get that this is just a joke and not a really real suggestion. Does that count? - Fraser]

  11. At 09:20 PM on 29 May 2007, Danielle wrote:

    The Official McFly Street Team are hurt and disappointed at Radio 1. We would like a personal apology please.

    Thank you.

    ["Destroying McFly would be a terrible thing to do." - Fraser]

  12. At 09:22 PM on 29 May 2007, Elaine wrote:

    y wud u wana destroy mcfly??? dats jus stoopid ... teehee dere da bes:P:P xox

  13. At 09:29 PM on 29 May 2007, amy wrote:

    Very funny, i'd like a can, please. But not to actually use it. I adore mcfly - musically and not musically.
    They arn't nothing like westlife, as the people have said above, but, yeah, anyway.
    I do find the funny side of it
    But they arn't going anywhere just yet. Years ahead of them, yeah.
    Even they said that themselfs. They get along great and they adore what they do best.


  14. At 09:30 PM on 29 May 2007, Annelie wrote:

    McFly is the best damn thing I've ever heard of. I like them since I saw them on TV. And I must say, McFly, come to Germany !! PLEASE ... I love them! I can't live without their music anymore =( ... !!

  15. At 09:33 PM on 29 May 2007, bex242 wrote:

    No that doesn't count we want an actual apology

  16. At 09:44 PM on 29 May 2007, Fraser wrote:

    Just to be absolutely clear. Here's some links which might help the McFly street team calm down a bit.

    1: The McFly ChartBlog interview with questions taken from - amongst others - the McFly street team...

    Part 1...
    Part 2...

    2: The five-star review for 'Transylvania'...

    3: The five-star review for 'Sorry's Not Good Enough'...

    4: Nine other 'How To Destroy...' cartoons...
    (Not to be taken seriously)

    And, without getting TOO pompous about it, having met McFly a few times, it's pretty clear they've a great sense of humour, even when the joke is at their own expense.

    So, if you're genuinely offended by this, I'm truly sorry. But you can't accuse ChartBlog of not loving McFly, cos that's cack. OK?

  17. At 09:46 PM on 29 May 2007, ~Rachel~ wrote:

    McFly fans shouldn't feel their band is threatened - how vulnerable do they think McFly are to a joke like this???

    In fact, maybe they should be pleased Chartblog has done a 'How To Destroy' for McFly - all the acts that have been featured in this section are pretty big and robust - that's why you CAN do a joke like this - it wouldn't be funny if the target were unpopular and 'already down'.

  18. At 09:47 PM on 29 May 2007, bex242 wrote:

    Fraser? Where is the Street teams apology??
    It has offended alot of people>

  19. At 09:52 PM on 29 May 2007, sara davies wrote:

    some people have good taste in music like us devoted mcfly fanz
    yh we all av diff oppinions but its not nice to do this about mcfly is it... and mcfly r nuffin like westlife
    westlife are shizz!

  20. At 09:57 PM on 29 May 2007, C wrote:

    we know chart blog love mcfly as they would do interviews and things with them. I just think that some mcfly fans feel abit hurt by this all.

    [And for the life of me I can't understand why. It's a joke in a series of jokes about stupid ways to destroy pop stars. What's to take offense at? And I said they're keeping Westlife from taking over the charts, which is also a compliment. Do me a favour though, don't tell the Westlife street team I said that...- Fraser]

  21. At 09:58 PM on 29 May 2007, bex242 wrote:

    Thank you for the apology.

    [And thank you for all the nice McFly content as well? C'mon, manners is manners... - Fraser]

  22. At 09:59 PM on 29 May 2007, Kat wrote:

    LMAO, you people just made my day. This is hilarious and a half :P

  23. At 10:03 PM on 29 May 2007, bex242 wrote:

    thank you for all the mcfly content lol

    [Hug? Anyone? - Fraser]

  24. At 10:03 PM on 29 May 2007, Me wrote:

    mcfly are better than you, deal with it, yeh?

    thanks x

    [They are NOT! I'm taller for starters ;-) - Fraser]

  25. At 10:04 PM on 29 May 2007, Danielle wrote:

    We were only messing with you, but thanks very much anyway xx

  26. At 10:05 PM on 29 May 2007, Loo wrote:

    i dont see why everyones hurt.
    i love mcfly
    their amazing
    but its hardly offensive is it.

  27. At 10:09 PM on 29 May 2007, mairi wrote:

    Made me laugh.
    Am I the only mcfly lover that this made laugh?
    Picture was funny.

  28. At 10:13 PM on 29 May 2007, Claire wrote:

    i'm not one who can't take a joke but this is not funny in the slightest.

  29. At 10:16 PM on 29 May 2007, bex242 wrote:

    ah yes *hug* lol

    [There. That's better. All friends again. Jeez what are you lot like on blogs where they're actually really critical of McFly?]

  30. At 10:27 PM on 29 May 2007, shanice wrote:

    Uhm, i usually find stuff like this funny, but it's really not funny, sorry.

  31. At 10:43 PM on 29 May 2007, Kat wrote:

    Oh dearie me. Since you're getting so many grouchy comments I'm just going to say, loud and clear, that I think this is VERY funny. Although a McFly Swat would have been better :P

  32. At 10:53 PM on 29 May 2007, Louisa wrote:

    Maybe you should try listening to a Westlife song and actually comparing it to one of McFly's songs.
    I think you will see the error in your ways.

  33. At 11:18 PM on 29 May 2007, Yo mom wrote:

    I wonder if theres anything that shows us "How to destroy Radio 1"

    Id be using it if there was.

    URGH! Is this the best Radio 1 could come up with? Did this take you weeks of carful planning to figure out?

    McFLY Spray, wow. How imaginative..

    10/10 for effort. Im pretty sure my 5 year old sister could come with with something wittier than that tbh.

    So, go attack someone with no talent. Like, the afore mentioned Westlife. :]

    Ps, i hate radio 1.

    [Not a pun fan then? Oh well. - Fraser]

  34. At 11:23 PM on 29 May 2007, Kerri wrote:

    i cant belive ive missed this! absent from my computer for one measley day :'( i cant belive you had a whole street team after you hahaa thats hilarious..30 comments in one day that must be some kind of CB record. i dunno whether to look on in awe at such a response showing similar characterists of a group of sharks smelling blood or to be afraid, very afraid :S

    [I'm just afraid of what's gonna happen when the Bel's Boys street team get wind of all this. I'm telling you, those people are NINJAS... - Fraser]

  35. At 11:46 PM on 29 May 2007, terri wrote:

    erm mcfly are so much better then westlife u cant put them in the same sentence.

    Why would u want to get rid of them the poor guys i know this is a joke but its not really that funny soz to who made it up but yeah.

    mcfly are aorund for many years to come so u will have a big problem getting rid of them there here to stay and aint going to move

  36. At 12:49 AM on 30 May 2007, Claire wrote:

    Hahaha at all the silly McFly fans that can't take a joke.

    Before you start, I am a McFly fan, but seriously people you need to chill out and have a laugh at the guys' expense.

  37. At 01:08 AM on 30 May 2007, RetroVinyl wrote:

    Since when are they street team the only mcfly fans? Why do THEY require a special apology?

    It's so obviously a joke, why get so riled up about it? McFly couldn't be bought down by a can of fake bugspray, for goodness sakes.

  38. At 02:04 AM on 30 May 2007, Rebecca wrote:

    i can't believe people would think of destroying them.... hmm... good idea for a movie... mcfly planning to be destroyed and they rely on the power of music to fight back!

  39. At 08:24 AM on 30 May 2007, Susan Flowers wrote:

    omg i so totally luv mcfly...kinda...most of the time. ok yea theyre awsum. but come on boys, i think its time for a new album *nods*

    luving u always. especially harry *mwah*

  40. At 09:00 AM on 30 May 2007, Sammi wrote:

    Mcfly are not like any other band
    They play there own instruments which doesnt just include the guitar

    I will say what everyone is thinking


  41. At 09:58 AM on 30 May 2007, Alice wrote:

    Oh,how punny!

    I think this is really funny.Really don't understand the whole offensive thing,it's only a joke.

    (lesser spotted Westlife-HA!)

  42. At 11:03 AM on 30 May 2007, rebecca wrote:

    i cannot belive you!!!! top of the pops is suposed to like every1!! u should b sacked!! ITS NOT EVEN FUNNYY! you are insulting all the mcfly fans!! and i am very annoyd with that comment! and i dont think its very nice! if people didnt like them how did babys comming back get to no.1 in da 1st place! and y would i b goin to dere concert n y would i have bought dere new album that is basicali da same as da old 1 and y did i meet them in watford??!?!?! and i think you are just jelous (whoeva wrote that) becuz mcfly are famous and rich!! and ur jus da website maker of totp!! so go away mcfly rock!!!

  43. At 11:35 AM on 30 May 2007, Natalie wrote:







    SOOOOOOO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. At 11:45 AM on 30 May 2007, Alex Palmer wrote:

    Are you trying to be funny???
    Well it aint working!
    Pop music wouldnt be okay now without McFLY! They have shown that pop is a good thing and not always cheesy!!!

    "/ x

  45. At 11:50 AM on 30 May 2007, Louise wrote:

    That's horrible.
    There the best band around.
    You better hope this is a joke.

    Tbh, the music taking over the charts now, needs to be stamped on or something, it's utter poo.

  46. At 11:52 AM on 30 May 2007, bell wrote:

    who ever made this i wish they were died, even mcfly whould tell the person off for making this one

    [Taking this one point at a time...

    1: My name is on the posting, and appears in reply to lots of the comments here. I made the cartoon. Me. Fraser.

    2: I didn't wish death on McFly. I actually said it would be terrible to destroy them. But you've just wished death on me. Come on ChartBlog street team, ATTACK! Oh, damn, there isn't one...

    3: I can't speak for McFly, but I seriously doubt they'd tell tell anyone off for doing a cartoon like this. Well maybe if someone actually made a massive can of McFly Spray and hit them with it, but I hope no-one does.

    ...but what I'm definitely getting is that there's an army of you ready to march on Westlife. Shall I see if they're up for a war? - Fraser]

  47. At 11:55 AM on 30 May 2007, theother wrote:

    Seriously, McFly fans need to get a life. Ironic that the McFly street team could only get 40 odd people to reply... the same amount that brought their latest single! Seriously. FLOP.

  48. At 12:07 PM on 30 May 2007, Lauren wrote:

    how unfunny that is really should be made illegal.

  49. At 12:10 PM on 30 May 2007, Rachel wrote:

    That is not funny.
    Mcfly write there own songs play there own instrument, hat do westlife do they bring out songs that have been out before and ruin them so dont put mcfly and westlife in the same sentence mcfly and much better.

    They are Awesome

    Best band around

  50. At 01:09 PM on 30 May 2007, Andrea wrote:

    its just not funny

    its completely lame

    its really stupid

    the person that came up with that should get out more

  51. At 01:16 PM on 30 May 2007, Kerri wrote:

    tehee :P you better watch out! i think its funny anyway, maybe you could have done a mcfly swatter, you know mcSPLAT and all that, that would be a quicker death then a spray which slowly kills them, unless as the picture suggests you wack 'em with the can rather than actually using the spray.

    and i wouldnt worry about the bels boys street team as i doubt they will be around for long anyway, do you remember the last group (the last one i remember anyway) to have a CITV show? all stars, sorry allSTARS*, ring any bells? my sis loved them (shh though, shes a right trendie and would hate for that to get out) but nows its as if they never existed, their only remains seem to be darren in holly oaks. before seeing bels boys on CB i didnt know that they even existed, and i still dont other than on this site.

  52. At 01:28 PM on 30 May 2007, Sarah wrote:

    Tehe! I like the cartoon. And destroying McFly would be a terrible thing to do. I'd have to find a new favourite band. No one would have a guilty pleasure anymore!

    By the way, I reckon I need some McFly spray. Much as I like them, I think my friends infestation is overwhelming now.

    Funny joke though. I like it :]

  53. At 01:30 PM on 30 May 2007, olivia wrote:

    LOLLLL @ the street team.

    Dudes, if McFly came on here, not only would they be laughing at this blog (because, let's all face it, IT'S A JOKE.), they'd be laughing at you for going so over the top about it.

    You should all lighten up.

    Take a McChill Pill. ;)

  54. At 01:44 PM on 30 May 2007, Steph wrote:

    Am i the only one that finds this at least a little bit funny...

  55. At 02:33 PM on 30 May 2007, Abi wrote:

    As a McFly fan I would like to offer my sincerest apologies (and a hug if you reeaally want) to ChartBlog for the laughably pathetic over reaction of some other fans.
    Hell hath no fury like a McFly fan scorned, obviously.

  56. At 02:57 PM on 30 May 2007, Milly wrote:

    NOOO! McFly are waaaay too amazing for that! AND would anyone really want Westlife to take over? hhmmm it makes me cringe thinking about it....shudders.
    Why destroy one of the greatest bands around, McFly, who are down-to-earth, and megaly talented, and who are willing to take all the slack been handed to them, but still come out just as brilliant as before?!? That is a rare skill for people to have! Could you do that?
    Make a Westlife, Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud, Scissor sisters, or any other annoyingly fake "band" spray, and you will be a millionaire my friend!
    x Milly x

  57. At 03:27 PM on 30 May 2007, Laura. wrote:

    This is almost as unfunny as Chris Moyles.

    [Hey! I can take a certain amount of abuse, young missy, but this time you crossed a li..oh hang on...'almost'? OK, as you were... - Fraser]

  58. At 03:27 PM on 30 May 2007, McFly Fan wrote:

    Um... hello mcfly fans? This isn't serious... duh. Its a joke, why are you all asking for an offcial apology? That REALLY stupid. I'm sure McFly got a kick out of it when they saw it, because thats the type of guys they are. And if yoy are taking this too seriously, then maybe your not as big of a mcfly fan as you think.

    BTW, I think its funny... McFly spray! HA Ha

  59. At 03:36 PM on 30 May 2007, Dave wrote:

    Aw, poor Fraser, being assualted by a bunch of McFly fans that couldn't see the link between McFLY and bug spray.

  60. At 03:42 PM on 30 May 2007, Nick wrote:

    Jesus Christ, lighten up guys. No one was bitching before when "How to destroy Justin Timberlake" or Keane or others were put up. This is part of a series of amusing pictures.

    Just because it's suddenly a band you like doesn't mean you have to go all crazy and start defending them. Fraser quite clearly likes McFly, as he has said before, it's just a bloody JOKE!

  61. At 04:49 PM on 30 May 2007, theother wrote:

    OK, firstly, I'm pretty sure the Bells Boys thing was a joke.

    Secondly, with the whole Westlife not being like McFly because "tehy liek totally dont even rite there own songz", can't anyone see the irony in McFly's successful recent songs all being covers (Baby's Coming Back, Don't Stop Me Now etc)?

    No? Didn't think so.

  62. At 04:51 PM on 30 May 2007, annelies wrote:

    haha, so funny... as a mcfly-fan i would say: way to go... good joke!
    man, you really are too serious.. you know it's a joke, so why are you all so offended.
    hmm, anyway... way to go, fraser ;)

  63. At 05:07 PM on 30 May 2007, emily wrote:

    mcfly are the best westlife now are like men who cant b bothered to write there own songs or play instruments mcfly do write there own songs and play there own songs... maybe they are boyband but there like the most original!!!!!!

  64. At 06:21 PM on 30 May 2007, Laura wrote:

    You have some cheek.

    McFLY Write there own songs & play they own instruments unlike Westlife - who may I just say who thehell listens to them?

    && McFLY Arent some any boyband.

    for example - do they dress the same? No!

    Do they sit on stools cos there so lazy? No!


  65. At 07:03 PM on 30 May 2007, Kate wrote:

    Haha no matter how hard you try you wont be getting rid of mcfly anyyyyytime soon! x

  66. At 07:34 PM on 30 May 2007, ella wrote:

    i think the comments amused me more than the actual joke itslef.

    with the whole street team thing, we were only joking with how much we were offended by it. we really weren't!!


    [OK then. I wasn't really sorry! - Fraser]

  67. At 07:47 PM on 30 May 2007, lalala wrote:

    Westlife suck. McFLY dont. Never assossiate each other.

  68. At 07:53 PM on 30 May 2007, Dee wrote:

    Mcfly are staying right where they are,
    Theres no getting ride of them!
    They mean well loads to alot of fans,including me.
    Dont diss them
    Thay actually rule
    I heart Mcfly

  69. At 07:54 PM on 30 May 2007, Sarah wrote:

    Comments were amusing, I agree!

    Haha, and the one about McFly covering songs too.
    Gosh you're so right. They've done two covers.

    Blimey. What a boyband :]

    I find the cartoon funny. Haha.

  70. At 08:35 PM on 30 May 2007, Hayley wrote:

    I don't get it.... well, i was kinda confused when i read what it said above =| Ha i'm such a numpty! Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - Don't get rid of Mcfly!!! Why would you want to do that?! What talented boys or men they are! They music is happy/ funkaY and gets everyone dancing and jumping around =D Westlife are cheeeeesy, they do shatty covers of things... Mcfly alll the way!!! Lmao some people are taking it a lil' serious though and getting their panty-hoos in a twist, gawwwwd deary me =p x

  71. At 11:55 PM on 30 May 2007, Kelly wrote:

    i don't get it.......just kidding. but girlies chill. They know mcfly are good.

  72. At 09:57 AM on 31 May 2007, theother wrote:

    Only two cover songs? Of course (!)


  73. At 09:59 AM on 31 May 2007, paula wrote:

    not get rid of mcfly they're the best

  74. At 08:01 PM on 31 May 2007, kayle wrote:

    i lov mcfly, how dare u put that about them there so fit

  75. At 08:12 PM on 31 May 2007, Amy wrote:

    i absoutley love mcfly and dnt care wot anyone else thinks dere fab ... i will never use that spray


  76. At 08:40 PM on 31 May 2007, Amy wrote:

    How on this earth can you compare Westlife to McFly??
    McFly are amazinggggg!
    Try and get rid of them. :|

  77. At 09:09 PM on 31 May 2007, Medha wrote:

    mcfly r amazing. they are not goin newhre. i loveeeeeeeeeeeee them soooooooooooo mcuh!! they r sooooooo coolllll!!! they r th best!!!!!!!!!1

  78. At 10:48 PM on 31 May 2007, Em wrote:

    I Love McFly! Destroy them & i'll destroy you!

  79. At 09:43 AM on 01 Jun 2007, Fergie wrote:

    heyy [:
    no no no dont get rid of mcfly!
    there amazing!
    i cant wait to go see them!
    so dont get rid of them!
    ly xxxxx mcfly are thee sex

  80. At 10:45 AM on 01 Jun 2007, Dodger wrote:

    hehe thats funny lol. uuuuh... dont destroy mcfly......evil child

  81. At 11:54 AM on 01 Jun 2007, Hannah wrote:

    I would be glad if we got rid of McFly!

  82. At 12:07 PM on 01 Jun 2007, Eve wrote:

    For God's sake, why is everyone offended by this? It's just a joke, you don't have to take it seriously. What is the world coming to?
    Watch out, Fraser, there might be an angry mob. Hahahaha.

    [It's worse than that, Eve, apparently some of the angry mob are only pretending. Eeek! - Fraser]

  83. At 12:11 PM on 01 Jun 2007, Eve wrote:

    Excuse me, Milly, but the Scissor Sisters are not fake. They rule!

  84. At 05:20 PM on 01 Jun 2007, Eve wrote:

    What's the point in that? Some people do strange things for kicks, e.g. someone chucked an egg at my window the other day. ;o)

  85. At 05:58 PM on 01 Jun 2007, julie wrote:

    bels boys are just trying to copy Mcfly, sorry bt mcfly are soooo much betta!! so they are not going anywher as we just lv them 2 much!!! ok mayb westlife ave been around longer bt mcfly are still awesome!!!!
    mwah lv u lads!!

  86. At 08:17 PM on 01 Jun 2007, georgie wrote:

    mcfly r the best and will live on forever

  87. At 05:29 PM on 02 Jun 2007, beth wrote: MCFLY ARE GOD..

    a world without mcfly is a like world without happiness!!

    when i wake up i pump up the jamage of mcfly and alreaddy my day is AWESOME

    also how could anyone live without the buff whizz popness of dougie?lets be honest...

  88. At 08:16 PM on 02 Jun 2007, Rachel wrote:

    Oh my gosh people, stop over-reacting! It's a joke. Ya' know, McFLY spray...get it? Haha? Okay, maybe not.....
    Secondly, McFLY (being jokey themselves) would probably laugh at this themselves. They'd find it funny. I mean, they wouldn't if Fraser was plotting to go to a concert and blow them from Wembley Arena all the way to Australia. Or is he?.....(Only joking!)
    I would pay you a fortune if you could invent a spray to get rid of all the popstars that had their fame and success for years....and Scooch....
    >;) lolz

  89. At 11:23 PM on 03 Jun 2007, Kimberley wrote:

    I feel like I'm the only person who actually likes (and will admit) that I like BOTH McFly and Westlife. Comparing those two are kind of ridiculous because they do not do the same type of music, if you look past the generic word "pop".

    McFly are awesome rockers and I would love to see them live. I'm sure they put on an amazing show.

    Westlife are amazing vocalists (and I have seen them live) and they know how to sell a song. They only thing wrong with them is that their producers (not the band themselves) make them do all sorts of cheesy cover songs.

    See the difference?

    Anyway, I thought the cartoon was funny. Good job, Fraser.

  90. At 02:14 PM on 04 Jun 2007, jade smiles wrote:

    its good i love mcfly

  91. At 11:57 AM on 05 Jun 2007, ?? H ?? wrote:

    Lol! What is 8th in the alferbet? them 5th? then 12th then 5th then 14th? there's ur answer! xxx
    Love you McFly! watch Dougie's hands there amazing!

  92. At 10:55 PM on 05 Jun 2007, ems wrote:

    lol i think you all are taking this a bit too seriously, i thought it was a laugh. cheers to fraser for taking the heat from the rabid mcfly street team :P

  93. At 12:29 PM on 06 Jun 2007, becca wrote:

    u cannot destroy mcfly!!!!!!!! that wud be unspeakably evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well u cud kill off the others......DANNY IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not as hot as pete wentz tho(lol)

  94. At 10:28 PM on 08 Jun 2007, Emma wrote:

    im quite upset because it appears my comment wasn't posted
    especially seeing as how i seem to be one of the few mcfly fans who understood the joke and thought it was funny

    because it was - so girls get over it!!!!!

    and whoever up there was slagging mcfly for doing covers i suggest who shut up - every band does covers you idiot!


    [Hi Emma, I'm really sorry your comment seems to have vanished. I can't find it at this end either. It's been eaten by those blimming gremlins...Thanks for reposting! - Fraser]

  95. At 04:37 PM on 09 Jun 2007, Kat wrote:

    Goblins, Fraser... GOBLINS!

    [Turns out the goblins have got pet gremlins. Who knew? - Fraser]

  96. At 08:29 PM on 09 Jun 2007, Rachel wrote:

    Yay I am so happy...so far i haven't been targeted by the dreaded goblins or gremlins or whatever they are....=]
    Sorry, just being random again because I'm bored. Sniff...

  97. At 10:08 PM on 10 Jun 2007, Emma wrote:

    haha no bother Fraser, as long as im not being ignored!!

    have you thought about expnading your mcfly destroying prducts?
    eg- mcfly paper
    mcfly zapper light things that electrocute bugs

    lol i'm cracking myself up here!!


    [I would, but I think I only just escaped a severe beating last time. I'm not gonna provoke a sleeping beastie again..- Fraser]

  98. At 02:39 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Lara wrote:

    i saying now and forever on who ever has the guts too split up mcfly they have got a problem bcoz it seriously will not happen!!!
    For all thier loving supporting girl fans and there close friendship thier will be a mcfly forever on and on....
    So don't even think about discussing it bcoz other wise you are living a stupid, childish lil dream
    love the greateset
    ANd greatest MCFLY fan to be and forever
    Get a life u losers

  99. At 10:43 AM on 19 Jun 2007, bex242 wrote:

    lol pmsl i am still finding this whole thing very funny! lol even after u kinda apologised people are still making their wee speeches lol

    well i guess some1 needs to stick up for mcfly ..even though there is really nothing to fight about here lol!!! so funny!!


  100. At 07:53 PM on 23 Jun 2007, Eleanor + Esra wrote:

    McFly are NOT gonna be destroyed. McFly r so da best, dats da whole point in dem bein number 1 instead of Rihanna. And even if you dont like McFly, well you will just have to live with it, and if you keep dissing them, we will hunt you down, and kill you with a knife [lol] >:) jk. Just keep your gay comments to yourself in future!!!!!!!!!!

    [Good God! And here's me thinking the neaderthals had all died out. Well done on learning to use a computer as well. Didn't think you guys had it in ya. Thanks for commenting, bye! - Fraser]

  101. At 08:28 PM on 24 Jun 2007, ~Rachel~ wrote:

    I think this page is set on an endless loop, and McFly fans will carry on commenting WITHOUT READING THE EARLIER COMMENTS forever!
    The year is 2122, and the latest post on the 'How To Destroy...McFly' page of ChartBlog has just arrived...

    "OMG somebody is trying to destroy McFly how could they they are EVIL you will die for this McFly are so better than you and always will be so there!!! :-)"

    Readers may be interested to know that all but one of the members of the once popular band McFly are now dead, and none of them were killed by spray cans. The surviving member, Harry, now aged 137, reports that he does not remember anybody ever trying to attack him with McFly Spray!

    Meanwhile, the comments continue to appear on the now legendary webpage, seemingly regardless of any actual events surrounding the band McFly. This has led the ChartBlog team to suspect that they are generated by a computer, set up by a deranged McFly fan sometime in the year 2007.

  102. At 04:32 PM on 02 Jul 2007, ellie wrote:

    This isn't funny but its defnately not offensive 2 mcfly fans. i dont get wot all the fuss is about. Mcfly r great!!! ps. when son of dork new song out??? any 1 know????

  103. At 02:38 PM on 15 Jul 2007, Dean wrote:

    Right, McFly Street Team, get over the fact that your favourite band has been humiliated, me being a Pete Doherty fan has to put up with it everyday of the week so one tiny little joke of a picture isnt really going to do much harm is it?

  104. At 06:00 PM on 19 Jul 2007, Laura wrote:

    i love mcfly, this will obviously never happen.
    don't worry everyone it's a joke!

  105. At 10:02 PM on 21 Jul 2007, lizzy wrote:

    i am sorry to tell you that mc fly is girlie music and should be destroyed.
    complete rubbish and total waste of instruments

  106. At 12:02 PM on 22 Jul 2007, Leonnie wrote:

    OMG :-O

    Like wtf? How dare u insult Mcfly! They r th best 'n u r like such a l0zer!

    xD xD xD

    Okay jokes over, in all seriousness I have to say this was probably the most hilarious blog I've read - just for the fact it 'OUTRAGED' so many Mcfly nuts.

    They sound just like my friends, if you dare speak ill of Mcfly they will hunt you down xD xD

    Awesome :-P

  107. At 09:35 PM on 22 Jul 2007, ~Rachel~ wrote:

    Aawh...Leonnie, I thought you were serious and we were into another cycle of assaults from the McFly defence force...

    Where are the Street Team...shh...asleep?

  108. At 12:48 PM on 04 Aug 2007, El wrote:

    haha i know this is like way beyond late but i just can't believe that this ran on from may to end of july. that's brilliant.

    and just so you know i am from Mcfly street team and i found the funny side to this, i can't believe that so many people got offended by it. i recon even Mcfly would see the funny side to this and i think the other people from the street team blew this way out of proportion.

    Hardly anyone had any problems with the other ones. It has to be said that this little war that went on was pretty lame.

  109. At 08:11 PM on 04 Aug 2007, PBG wrote:

    Haha lolz all the 'omg how could you want to kill mcfly!' comments are still arriving. Hee hee. Ignorant people. I might start up a ChartBlog Street Team.....anyone with me? That way if anyone offends ChartBlog, their fans, or Fraser then we'll start a riot. There! Now, beware people that diss ChartBlog.....I will get my revenge....muha....muha....even though I'm the only member of the ChartBlog Street Team. Oh well. I am in possession of the legendary, one-in-a-million pokey spork. It has magical powers......okay, no-one believes me but I'm serious....it's an expensive family heirloom......;)

    [Peeb, you're a genius. Let's do it! - Fraser]

  110. At 10:54 PM on 04 Aug 2007, Kerri wrote:

    im in! if youll except me of course *pleading look*

    i believe you about your spork! sporks rock!

  111. At 01:10 PM on 05 Aug 2007, PBG wrote:

    Oh yay! Wow....yeah, sporks do rock. At school you can buy salad pots, and there are 2 dish things with plastic spoons, forks and knives in and stuff and one time I picked up a fork out of the fork tray and it turned out to be a spork...I was obsessed with it for days and my friends found it quite funny because it was the only spork in the tray. Anyway...I'm really really happy today. I'm getting an electric guitar. My mom's friend might be bringing over today, but he might not....oops sorry. Being random again. And Kerri, of course you can be a member of the ChartBlog Street Team. I'm glad I had that idea...I can be a genius sometimes, can't I ? Hello? I SAID CAN'T I BE A GENIUS SOMETIMES? *Gets out spork menacingly* Hee hee
    Bye everybody!

  112. At 08:55 PM on 19 Aug 2007, Gerad Neale wrote:

    mcfly are brilliant, but i think bel's boys are still good for a boy band. they have much better vocals and tracks than any others ive seen of late

  113. At 06:10 PM on 21 Aug 2007, Kel wrote:

    I love this. Westlife are completely s**t maties. How do you get rid of them? Oh yeah, push 'em off a cliff 'cos they'll try flying without wings.

  114. At 07:58 PM on 21 Aug 2007, Smemma wrote:

    Look Im A Big McFly Fan Too But Its A Joke And Radio 1 Arent Just Taking The Piss Outa McFly ! There Are Other Bands Like My Chem Who Have " Been Destroyed " Which Personally I Think Was Vey Funny ! =]
    P.S Take A Chill Pill Its All A Good Laugh And Im Sure McFly Themselfs Would Find It Funny

  115. At 01:48 AM on 01 Sep 2007, alexa wrote:

    excuse me??
    mcfly is the best ever after the beatles you meanie

    why don't you make one to destroy you??? id be happy. :P

  116. At 03:57 PM on 01 Sep 2007, Kerri wrote:

    and STILL the mad fan comments are arriving.. geesh!

  117. At 05:34 PM on 01 Sep 2007, PBG wrote:

    Lol yeah Kerri. 1000 years later and comments are still arriving, despite the fact that McFly no longer are around, everyone has already forgotten who the hell they are and Tom Fletcher is now the oldest man EVER on earth, and he can't remember his name let alone the fact he was once in a successful pop band called mcfly.

  118. At 05:47 PM on 06 Sep 2007, Jazmine =] wrote:






  119. At 08:53 AM on 07 Sep 2007, Tasha wrote:

    Hi this is a really nasty picture and its really sad
    =[ and could really do with a life =0 yer yhoo have been told

  120. At 08:39 PM on 07 Sep 2007, Cat wrote:

    aye aye aye stop with all the hate mail! it's a band! not a hero.. or,,, or.... or like a master or something!

  121. At 04:59 PM on 12 Sep 2007, Ceri wrote:

    How sad!
    Comparing to westlife!
    you really need to listen to their music! must be deaf! and see that they actually write their own music!

  122. At 05:00 PM on 12 Sep 2007, nikki wrote:

    oi yeah you Dont you Dare Kill my mcfly or i'l Kill you END of!!

  123. At 05:05 PM on 12 Sep 2007, Natalie wrote:

    I get that this is a joke, but as a McFLY Fan anything hurtfull towards them hurts the fans...Westlife are C**P, cant sign, play instruments or even write there own songs...McFLY play ALL their own instruments, write ALL their songs and CAN sign...I just wish people would reliease that people are allowed to like McFLY and that we as McFLY Fans should not be subject to Abuse from others

  124. At 05:36 PM on 12 Sep 2007, m177 wrote:

    Thats not fair, I like McFLy, the are my favorite band, but ths is so weird, I know you can dislike them, but so much?:D

  125. At 09:59 PM on 12 Sep 2007, Kerri wrote:

    dont look now! MORE comments! are there actually any more mcfly fans out there that havnt commented yet!?

  126. At 06:33 PM on 13 Sep 2007, Devon wrote:

    You can not destroy mmmcccffflllyyyyy they are the best band in the world and i am there biggest fan and u wudmake me cry
    lv yas
    dev xxxxxxx

    [Oh alright then. Let's not bother. Everyone, put the McFly spray AWAY! - Fraser]

  127. At 07:06 PM on 13 Sep 2007, PBG wrote:

    I never even knew mcfly had this many fans. I think the whole of Dartford has commented already to tell fraser HOW UNFAIR he is and OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE U WULD WANT 2 KILL DEM OMG and LYK, MCFLY IS LYK, THE BEST BAND EVER SO TOTALLY SHUT UP! Lol. So bring on the annoyed mcfly fan comments saying 'shut up! how could you say that! of course mcfly have so more fans than this, they are the best band EVER!'

  128. At 12:11 PM on 14 Sep 2007, Jamie wrote:

    Fraser, anychance you could do a feature on 'How to destroy ...The Mcfly Street Team'?

    I'm thinking an army of Chart Blog Street Teamers fending of the McFly Street Team with cans of McFly Spray.

    Talking of the McFly Spray, have you got it Patent Pended?

  129. At 03:07 PM on 05 Nov 2007, adam from belfast wrote:

    firstly bel's boys are class and they are the most dead on guys. i went to schol with the lead singer. Mcfly are awful they are jus like a mass produced american band for kids.

    Bels boys new album is awsome and they even have there own tv programme.

    Westlife are just a disaster. have no interest.


  130. At 09:35 PM on 05 Nov 2007, Suzzy wrote:

    Lesson to be learned chartblog NEVER do a how to destroy Mcfly Ever again... People seem to be overreacting and also can i just say that HELLO bands are always going to have a negative and positive image and you cant get all flustered everytime somebody says something slightly bad. Thats what critics are for...

  131. At 01:12 PM on 14 Nov 2007, April wrote:

    How dare you draw such a thing?!

  132. At 04:43 PM on 15 Nov 2007, rox wrote:

    i have nearly wet myself reading these comments. ha ha what a joke, this has gone on for so long. Are some of these people being deliberatly thick?? lol.
    Good joke

  133. At 07:51 AM on 26 Nov 2007, Hannah [Its a McFLY thing.] wrote:

    Im not even gonna bother telling you how pathetic you are to make fun of McFLY

    [Is it 'not very, cos I can totally take a joke'? I bet it is. - Fraser]

  134. At 02:23 PM on 26 Nov 2007, Jamie wrote:

    I thought this had finally been laid to rest. . . more fool me, more fool me.

  135. At 05:05 PM on 07 Dec 2007, Butterfly wrote:

    i sat and read the entire thing, all the comments and all and omg funniest thing all week! McFly Spray is a great idea, great pun! Strange how all the Westlife fans have disapeared! did u use get a life spray! lol! joke! ok wel i like Mcfly, seen them live and all! Westlife r a completely different thing all 2gether i like them r else i wudnt ave spent lik £80 on tickets! I understand that "some" of the Mcfly fans took this 2heart but i think its funny! Mcfly rock! and Westlife do ballets.! Poor Fraser! stil hillarious tho!

  136. At 01:23 PM on 08 Dec 2007, Emily wrote:





  137. At 03:37 PM on 08 Dec 2007, natalie wrote:

    could i just say that mcfly dont get enough credit. they never will be the best band in the world but they have achieved amazing awards and deserve it. they are only between the ages of 20-22 and look at what they've achieved: 7 number ones, 2 number one albums and a Brit award.
    maybe you're not a fan of them but they deserve credit for what they've achieved in such little time and at such a young age!

    good on them!!

  138. At 06:09 PM on 29 Dec 2007, Hayley wrote:

    just cause there not indie or featured well in 'NME' makes them uncool.
    Im glad im a mcfly fan cause its acturly cooler to follow your heart instead of a trend...most of these indie kids are such fakes and gutted to them really casue there all gonna die from drugs and too much alocohol, but i guess thats cool really.

  139. At 10:09 PM on 01 Jan 2008, charley wrote:

    o.k. sorry to rain on the mcfly loving parade

    but killing them might not be a completly bad idea when busted died they should have.

    I bask in glory when busted break up and to be honest mcfly aren't that great

  140. At 11:23 PM on 09 Feb 2008, Haley wrote:

    Seriously McFLY fans,
    it's just a joke.
    I'm so sorry Fraser, obviously these fans dont have a sense of humor. im sure the guys cracked up when they saw this.
    I love you McFly!!!!!!!! ^-^

  141. At 01:53 PM on 06 Mar 2008, leanna o'brien wrote:

    Re: Jazmine's comment (No. 118)

    mcfly are not crap i ll av you now that they have had 7 number one singles
    so they car nt be crap at all cos they totally ROCK MINE AND KIMS WORLD so leave them alone please jazmine/ mcfly are miles better than busted . from MCFLYS BIGGEST AND I MEAN BIGGEST FANS LEANNA17 N SHY KIM17 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WE LOVE MCFLY 4EVA N EVA

  142. At 02:53 PM on 06 Mar 2008, Morgan wrote:

    OMG!! McFly are so cooool. Whay does everyone hate them? GRR.

  143. At 11:51 PM on 11 Apr 2008, Lauren wrote:

    Well having read through all the pretty outrageous comments, i have to say i LOLed more at them than the actual joke.

    Being a mcfly fan myself i have to say i found this whole thing pretty funny, not insulting like some have. And i totally agree with the others who said the guys would find this funny. Besides if you were offended every time someone criticised you, you wouldnt get far in life :D
    People are intitled to their own opinions sheesh.

    ~Rachel~ and Kerri your posts cracked me up =]
    Good on you Fraser for having a JOKE. Some people obviously have no sense of humour.

    love ya mcfly ( xxx

  144. At 03:14 PM on 15 Apr 2008, Melissa Nortcliff wrote:



  145. At 05:45 PM on 15 Apr 2008, tammiie wrote:

    see if anybody actually got rid of mcfly
    i would hunt them down and destroy them
    and im sure everyone else who likes them would love to join me.
    is it just me or does all you comments seem to be negative:S
    first mcfly now elliot minor.
    and if this is a joke
    your not funny. i really dont think you should tell anymore jokes because this really does bore me.
    EVERYTHING you say bores me:D

    [And I thought we were going to be best friends too. Ah well. - Fraser]

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