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Catching Zs With Maccabees

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Fraser McAlpine | 17:01 UK time, Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The Maccabees

Us music interviewer types are a hardy bunch. Come rain, shine, collapsing buildings or flying boulder attack, we will always be ready, always eager and always alert - microphone in one hand, list of stupid questions in the other - for the call to immediate interview action. How else could we get such Earth-shattering exclusives as 'What Lily Allen Said About Cheryl Tweedy That Time', or 'The Day Nelly Furtado Laughed Like She Is Mad', or 'Hey, Johnny Razorlight, You're Quite The Mirror-Kisser, Incha?'. In many ways we are like Trivia Ninjas, only without the years of training, or the ability to kill people without leaving a mark.

So, when the chance came up to interview Orlando Weeks from arty-indie boffins the Maccabees, I jumped at it, even though I had had very little sleep the night before (hey, the world of pop never sleeps, so why should ChartBlog, eh? Eh? Zzzz)

And that is how we find ourselves with this charming little chat, in which many discoveries about sleep deprivation are made, and a war declared between the Maccabees and...well, you'll have to see.

Trivia Ninjas, TO BATTLE!

maccabees_hand.jpgWhat I Expected: Well, I'd been briefed that our normal, free-wheeling, silly ChartBlog interviews would go down especially well with the band's friendly guitar throttler Felix, and so he's the bloke who should've answered the phone. Plus, seeing as all bands lead the kind of lifestyle in which sleep is as distant a memory as being clean, you'd expect a rich vein of stories about nodding off in the middle of a guitar solo, right?

What I Did Not Expect: Orlando and not Felix...A claim to being "hard as"...an appreciation of the works of Roald Dahl...someone's eyes melting...the bit where he seemed to slam the phone down in irritation...


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Your ChartBlog interviewer was: Fraser M

This is the amazing video for the band's song 'Precious Time'. Art classes were never this much fun...

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  1. At 06:39 PM on 22 May 2007, Kat wrote:

    Lol sleep deprivation is way bad. Kills you dead! (literally)

  2. At 09:41 AM on 23 May 2007, Jessica Fielding wrote:

    Oh well then. Maybe they'll be like faithless and have insomnia!!!

  3. At 01:48 PM on 31 May 2007, Becky wrote:

    Hey there!
    I love this band!
    Nothing like a good ol' indie tune to cheer me up.. hehe..
    Keep the great music comin, lads!

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