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Kaiser Chiefs: Peanut's Road Trip

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Fraser McAlpine | 16:05 UK time, Friday, 2 March 2007

Kaiser Chiefs

Travel...TRAVEL...Never has a six-letter word been as overloaded with expectation, hype and cack as this one. Some people travel to experience other cultures, some travel to find themselves, and they're looking in places they have never been to before. Weird. And then there's pop stars, who travel for a living. They travel thousands of miles just to get to WORK. These are people who think nothing of flying out to New York just to record themselves playing the maracas (it's the VIBE, MAAAN). That has to be the longest commute in the world.

So, given a ten-minute phone call with Peanut, the ever-chipper keyboard player out of the Kaiser Chiefs, ChartBlog launched a special investigation of what a band of educated fellows such as these finds to do to pass the time in those moments when staring out of the window loses its appeal...

PeanutWhat I expected: Over-cleverness. One-liners. Perhaps some screaming.
What I did not expect: A shady dancemat past, a fondness for trivial pursuit and su doku. How to train your bowels so's not to foul the tour bus toilet. Terminator III, Rage Against The Machine...is this still the hatty one out of the Kaiser Chiefs?

Listen to the whole thing. It's nice!

Windows MediaRealmedia

NOTE: Due to a very poor phone line, some of Peanut's words of wisdom are a little hard to make out. But it's all GENIUS, I TELL YOU. STICK WITH IT!

Your ChartBlog reporter was: Amy G

Is this the worst album cover of all time?
Kaiser Chiefs are also available in website form...


  1. At 10:13 AM on 05 Mar 2007, Charlie wrote:

    AMz?! - are you there - im not sure if this message will find you .......... but you were fabadabadoubous! - love you lots - xox

    [Have no fear, Charlie, I will pass your message on! - Fraser]

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