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Email Interview: The Sounds (Of Music)

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Fraser McAlpine | 16:57 UK time, Wednesday, 14 March 2007

The Sounds

Hey, what are you lot glaring at? This is a friendly pop blog, none of your indie scowling here, thank you very mu...oh it's YOU! Hey, everyone, it's the Sounds! The Sounds...this is everyone...

I know, they look like yet another grumpy bunch of indier-than-thou scensters with lots of ROCK ATTITUDE and no tunes, right? Nu-uh! They've got THE POP, and no mistake. Check out their single 'Tony The Beat', if you don't believe me...

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AND the band's drummer Fredrik agreed to undergo the Trial By Tedium which is the ChartBlog Email Questionnaire. Want to see how he did? Oh yes you DO!


QUESTION 1: Where are you (as this is email, feel free to lie if you are somewhere dull)?
Fredrik: In the Sounds' writing studio in Malmö, Sweden.

QUESTION 2: What are you doing (same rules as question 1)?
Fredrik: We are working on songs for the next album, i.e drinking coffee.

QUESTION 3: Tell us all about your new product...
Fredrik: Well I guess that´s our second album 'Dying To Say This To You', which will be released in the UK on the 19th of March. It´s really good, so you should go and get it the minute it comes out.

FredrikQUESTION 4: How long did it take you to type the answer to question 3?
Fredrik: Well I didn´t type it, but about 20 seconds or so...

QUESTION 5: Really? Did it require any specialist training?
Fredrik: No, I have an assistant doing this interview for me. I'm still drinking coffee.

QUESTION 6: Are you looking forward to a future where computers can just read your brainwaves rather than expecting you to use a keypad?
Fredrik: Well yes and no, allthough it might be convenient sometimes, I think it would actually scare me at other times. We should just all have assistants instead. So we can focus on the important stuff, like drinking coffee.

QUESTION 7: What would you like to be wearing right now?
Fredrik: Hmm, I´m pretty comfortable right now. I'm wearing jeans, t-shirt and a cardigan.

QUESTION 8: And what are you actually wearing?
Fredrik: One of those Space-suits that the astronauts have, those are pretty cool.

QUESTION 9: What would you like the next person you see to be wearing?
Fredrik: A big smile.

QUESTION 10: Why do you think Donald Duck wears a tunic but no trousers?
Fredrik: Well isn't the tunic he wears part of a sailor uniform? And you know what they say about sailors...

QUESTION 11: What musical training do you have? Do you play any interesting instruments?
Fredrik: Not really, I mostly play drums. But my mom can play the accordion. I guess that's something.

QUESTION 12: If you and your most musical mates all had your instruments in front of you right now, but were instructed to play a song, any song, right now without conferring, what would it be?
Fredrik: The theme song from the tv-show 'The Office', I think it´s originally a Rod Stewart song.

QUESTION 13: Now be honest, did you cheat on QUESTION 12?
Fredrik: No.

QUESTION 14:What was the last thing you posted on your own message board?
Fredrik: I never post anything, I think you have to sign in your email info and stuff like that to do it and that´s just way to much typing for me. And also I'm not really interested in posting stuff on our own message board, sometimes I write in the band journal though.

QUESTION 15:That's nice...
Fredrik: [NO RESPONSE]

QUESTION 16:Does this little bit of admin make you yearn for a simpler life without personal assistants?
Fredrik: Maybe someone who isn't having his assistant doing this should answer that question.

QUESTION 17:One of the answers to these questions won't be interesting enough. Which one would you like to change?
Fredrik: No. 13, I wish I had lied.


The Sounds are also available in MySpace form...


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