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Fraser McAlpine | 17:26 UK time, Saturday, 24 February 2007


Some bands or songwriters reflect your world and everything in it, others give you a glimpse into a whole other way of being that you didn't even know was there, under your very noses, until they pointed to it. But it's a special pop act indeed that can create a brand new world just using their instruments, voices and ability to arrange sounds into a coherent shape.

Now, I'm not for a second claiming that Idlewild can do that, I'm not entirely sure ANYONE can do it, but they have called their new album 'Make A New World' and so, given the chance to talk to their singer Roddy about anything at all, the one question that kept coming up is "what kind of new world, EH?"

So that's what we asked him. Wanna know what happened?

RoddyWhat I expected: A sarcastic put-down, the line "couldn't you think of anything else to ask?", and the indie equivalent of the diva strop...
What I did not expect: A whole new species of creature called 'dogberts', who live on Planet Dogbert, a bike with no brakes, Russ Abbott's 'Atmosphere', Roddy being worried that people think he is insane, a Latin motto...

Listen to the whole thing. It's like the book of Genesis, only the dogs have peanuts for heads...

Windows MediaRealmedia

And here's the video(windows media only) to Roddy's band's storming new song 'No Emotion', which is on the album 'Make A New World', and is available in shops from February 26th

Idlewild are also available in website form...


  1. At 12:23 PM on 24 Feb 2007, Richard wrote:

    Pure interviewing genius.

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