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Patrick Wolf: Go West (Country)

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Fraser McAlpine | 17:33 UK time, Friday, 23 February 2007

Patrick WolfSee this fella here? His name is Patrick Wolf, and he is not like you or I. He's the kind of fella who likes wandering the streets with a violin tucked under his chin, wearing the clothes of a Victorian cyclist (crossed with a glitterball) and the hair of Cilla Black (the '60s years). And he records odd sounds - nature, wind, cars, coughing - and puts them in his records alongside the four billion instruments he himself can play

But he is not crackers, he is fantastic, and his third album 'The Magic Position', should see him 'do a Mika' if there's any justice in the world.

Actually, he's a BIT crackers, but...well...why not read all about the interview I did with him a short while ago, and make your own mind up...

It started with a little bit too much of a 'Culture Show' kind of vibe for my liking, really. He was late, because he'd been painting stuff for the artwork of his single 'Bluebell', and we got talking about that, and then I said something about "capturing a kind of innocence" and before you know it we're both in full blown artponce mode. Not that this is a bad thing in itself. Just picture the two of us in smocks and berets and you're there...

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After that, we talked about Cornwall. This is not as random as it seems. Patrick did write and record his second album 'The Wind In The Wires' in Cornwall, and he was quick to explain why this is. Once again though, we got a bit lost in the whole 'inspired by landscape' theme, and I was starting to worry that there would be no chance to have a good muck-about, conversationally speaking...

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And then, like the sun coming out from behind the clouds, everything became OK after all. Listen out for Patrick's marriage plans in particular, as they are both entirely weird, and very brilliant. Just like the man himself...

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Now watch Patrick singing 'Bluebells'

And a previous single of his called 'Accident And Emergency'

Patrick Wolf is also available in website form...


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