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Vanessa Hudgens - 'Baby Come Back To Me'

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Fraser McAlpine | 19:47 UK time, Sunday, 14 January 2007

Vanessa HudgensHands up anyone who's surprised that the kids from High School Musical ended up launching their own pop careers? It'll be like a real-life re-enactment before long, with the Vanessa Hudgenses and the Ashley Tisdales battling each other to see who can get to No.1, only without the advantage of being able to read the script and see what happens. Hmmm.

Video (Windows Media)

So Vanessa's doing the smart thing and getting in first with this slick, Amelia-style R&B number with a suitably grand string-laden intro. Once we get past that, though, it's not long before you start playing the family favourite game of "which other songs were mashed together to come up with this?" Our shortlist included 'Blink' by Rosie Ribbons, 'Say It Again' by Precious and 'Complicated' by Avril Lavigne, and there's probably still a few that we missed.

Vanessa acquits herself well on the vocals (she sounds more at home singing stuff like this than she did on High School Musical, if you ask me), but it's a bit overproduced and slightly soulless in that kind of relentlessly-perky way that graduates of the school of Disney stardom sometimes have. Maybe the song itself were a little bit more original we wouldn't notice that, but it wasn't, and so we did.

Three starsReleased: January 15th

(Steve Perkins)


  1. At 12:31 PM on 24 Jan 2007, holly wrote:

    i think this song is well good

  2. At 06:18 PM on 24 Jan 2007, David Marketh wrote:

    I like the song. Vanessa is very pretty - its surprising that a Disney movie landed her a singing career.
    Good song - but a little 'produced'

  3. At 07:33 PM on 25 Jan 2007, Esmeralda delarosa wrote:

    Hi Venessa i just want to know if you can give me a autograph

    We like you

  4. At 07:10 PM on 10 Feb 2007, nataly wrote:


  5. At 01:34 PM on 13 Feb 2007, Liane Start wrote:

    hi Vanessa

    i am your biggest fan i have your cd and all of the high school musical products that are avalible in the UK. The only hting i haven't got is your autograph is it possible if you can send it to me. i will email my adress to you if this is possible. If you can it will be a dream come true.

    x- Liane -x

  6. At 05:04 PM on 13 Feb 2007, Leonnie wrote:

    I'm not taking this song seriously - nor did I take High School Musical seriously. Both of them are really cheesey. Not to mention the intro of this song screams " EGO! "

  7. At 05:25 PM on 14 Feb 2007, kirsty hyslop wrote:

    hi vanessa i am you no1 fann i love zac effron so much i carnt belive you actuly went out wid him he is so hotttttttttttttt

  8. At 09:49 AM on 09 Mar 2007, jamie-lynn brooke wrote:


    i am not kamie-lynn spears. I am jamie-lynn brooke

  9. At 08:20 AM on 11 Mar 2007, kayleigh & becca wrote:

    Hiya , Bored stif listening to your show can you please play us ruby buy the sexy kasacheifs thanks x

  10. At 08:32 AM on 11 Mar 2007, kayleigh wrote:

    please may you put.? put your hands up for detroit

  11. At 08:04 PM on 13 Mar 2007, Anonymous wrote:

    I real like your album “V”. Most of the songs related to me. My friend would tell me I need a boyfriend. Unlike her I don’t trust myself to say the right thing. In others words I’m shy. But there is this person I like but I don’t think he every notice me. He is a senior in high school just lie me (he has a girlfriend that’s a junior) we both will be going to college. He plays for my church choir. (So I join the choir). At school we run in different circles, he’s in the band and I and in FBLA (Future Business Leader of America) Club. We both get fairly good grades in class (he is in my English 4 class) He plays the piano and sings in the school choir. I enjoy playing volleyball and I also song in the school choir tenth and eleven grade year. I not that big on wearing make-up and get my hair and nails done. I dress comfortable sometimes on the Sunday’s he play’s I try to dress out of my ordinary. (I like the way you dress must share tips) His girlfriend is a whole lot prettier they I am, Not blemish in her face from acne or a scar on her neck from surgery like I have. She is also on the school dance line. Do you think there is a chance that we could be together even though? One of my mottos is that you can’t help who you love.

    P.S.: High School Musical is my most favorite movie to watch every time it come on!!!!!!

    P.P.S: I listen to “V” everyday

  12. At 03:23 AM on 24 Mar 2007, asia wrote:

    hi vanessa i know how to sing and i want to help my mom pay bills because she doesnt have alot of cash like you and i just want to know if you will help me out please i really know how to sing please.

  13. At 10:00 AM on 07 Apr 2007, fatima wrote:

    i will to see u and i like your song they are nice

  14. At 08:56 PM on 21 Apr 2007, melissa wrote:

    hi, vanessa i just wanted to ask u if u like Zack Effron

  15. At 02:30 AM on 29 Apr 2007, alexis wrote:

    vanessa i love ur music and u and zac efferon are good together so i would go 4 him gurl!!!

  16. At 04:46 AM on 05 May 2007, hak wrote:

    is you going to mary me

  17. At 07:26 PM on 05 May 2007, Ollie wrote:

    i love the whole album
    every song is amazing
    i hope she brings out never underestimate a girl!!!
    best song on the album
    go Vanessa

  18. At 11:05 PM on 07 May 2007, tedde wrote:

    hey vanessa will you please sign a auto graph? well if you will send it to my e-mail address!

  19. At 01:24 AM on 30 Jun 2007, john fox wrote:

    Hey vanessa it john fox i watch high school musicial it so KOOL i would love you plz to contact me back plz

  20. At 01:02 AM on 01 Jul 2007, samantha wrote:

    i love the songs you sing. you are a great singer and very pretty. maybe some day i will meet you and get an autogragh. well thanks for reading my cooment.
    sincerly, samantha

  21. At 02:32 AM on 24 Jul 2007, katrina wrote:

    wow vanessa i really like your music my favorite song is say ok ps.your vary pretty && i cant wait to see high school musical 2

  22. At 04:48 AM on 04 Sep 2007, yoyo wrote:

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. haha

  23. At 04:48 PM on 13 Sep 2007, georgia harrison wrote:

    i think your a brilliant singer and got a very nice body and hair you alway look awsome and i think i saw a engagement ring on zacs finger.your songs are excelant

  24. At 04:31 AM on 11 Dec 2007, Lizzard234 wrote:

    Vanessa, you are so aswome... I have heard you are pregnant, is that true

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    Thanks a lot.

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