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The Game - 'Let's Ride'

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Fraser McAlpine | 11:00 UK time, Saturday, 6 January 2007

It's no good, I can't help it... There's a line in this song, where our tattooed friend is trying to get everyone to dance, right? And being a MAN'S MAN, and a rapper who likes to think about ladies and their bottoms quite a bit, his method of getting some total craziness happening down on the floor is to holler "bounce like you got hydraulics in your g-string", and then point out that he does rudey rapsex with a different lady every single day of the week (mmm! NICE!)...

The GameNow, I'm sure there's loads of girls out there who, probably quite rightly, would find such over-macho nonsense terribly offensive. But no matter how many times I hear it, it just makes me crease up laughing. And then put the song on again.

Maybe it's the classic 'No Diggedy' beat which gives the Game's ego-fuelled sex stories that extra twist of preposterous glee. Maybe it's the huge gulf in dynamics between the massive sweeping disco strings and the titchy ickle piano stabs. One minute it's all cute and bouncy, the next shiny and fabulous, and all the while the Gamester just keeps banging on about how brilliant he is and how rubbish you haters are. A song this lively can't be all nasty, can it?

Or maybe it's the fact that the Game is such a po-faced, grumpy-looking fella. Everyone knows the funniest jokes come from the blankest faces. And him claiming to be such an amazing sex icon is surely a joke, right? I mean, are there really THAT many girls who wanna get with a guy who can't even smile? Hell, even 50 Cent grins from time to time. What's that? You ALL do? Oh.

Maybe this song isn't so funny after all (sigh)....

Four starsReleased: January 8th

(Fraser McAlpine)


  1. At 10:13 PM on 08 Jan 2007, T.N.T. wrote:

    this aint a sex song or whatever u say it is...what you on about? This is tha real deal that them real G's do when they hit the club, not that 50 Cent rubbish about a candy shop. Dont watch Games face...hes just a real G....yeah anyways go cop that album 'Doctors Advocate' its absolutely brilliant.

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