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If I Had An Ama...

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Fraser McAlpine | 17:30 UK time, Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Sadie AmaSee this lady here? She's Sadie Ama, and her new song 'Fallin' is causing mass meltdown among R&B-lovers. She's also the sister of Shola Ama*, which proves once and for all that being able to sing like melted butter on a crumpet is genetic, and we are none of us going to be able to learn how to do it. Bah!

Listen to 'Fallin'... (realmedia)

Anyway, she's going to be big, and soon. So what better time to get her to answer the very exciting ChartBlog email questionnaire? That's right, none better time!


QUESTION 1: Where are you (as this is email, feel free to lie if you are somewhere dull)?
Sadie: I am in a studio in East London.

QUESTION 2: What are you doing (same rules as question 1)?
Sadie: Working on a track for my album.

QUESTION 3: Tell us all about your new product...
Sadie: My single Fallin' is out on Monday 22nd Jan on download. It wasn't actually supposed to be released but off the back of a few CDRs it landed its way onto radio playlists! All very crazy but exciting at the same time!

SadieQUESTION 4: How long did it take you to type the answer to question 3?
Sadie: About 30 seconds.

QUESTION 5: Really? Did it require any specialist training?
Sadie: That's quite a long time. I was thinking about what to write as well.

QUESTION 6: Are you looking forward to a future where computers can just read your brainwaves rather than expecting you to use a keypad?
Sadie: No way, my thoughts are my thoughts!

QUESTION 7: What would you like to be wearing right now?
Sadie: My PJs

QUESTION 8: And what are you actually wearing?
Sadie: A beige jumper dress.

QUESTION 9: What would you like the next person you see to be wearing?
Sadie: A big smile.

QUESTION 10: Why do you think Donald Duck wears a tunic but no trousers?
Sadie: Maybe he likes to be free?

QUESTION 11: What musical training do you have? Do you play any interesting instruments?
Sadie: My voice, I don't play an instrument but would love to learn the piano.

QUESTION 12: If you and your most musical mates all had your instruments in front of you right now, but were instructed to play a song, any song, right now without conferring, what would it be?
Sadie: Mary J Blige - 'Not Gonna Cry'

QUESTION 13: Now be honest, did you cheat on QUESTION 12?
Sadie: Yes.

QUESTION 14:What was the last thing you posted on your own message board?
Sadie: That my single was out on Monday 22nd Jan.

QUESTION 15:That's nice...
Sadie: Yes, it is very nice.

QUESTION 16:Does this little bit of admin make you yearn for a simpler life without personal assistants?
Sadie: I don't have a personal assistant.

QUESTION 17:One of the answers to these questions won't be interesting enough. Which one would you like to change?
Sadie: Number 8


Sadie and her song are also available in MySpace form...

Someone else at the BBC likes her...

* Shola Ama, a lady popstrel whose name will forever more be associated with the song 'Taboo', which was a duet with a dancehall dwarf called Glamma Kid.
Who could forget his helpful opening cry of "It's Glamma and Shola Ama!"? What, ALL of you?


  1. At 05:40 PM on 14 Feb 2007, Alendra wrote:

    I love her voice & vibe. I reckon she's gonna be bigger than her sisiter ever was. And I don't mean wasteline!!


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