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Last Minute Xmas Shopping List

  • Fraser M
  • 17 Dec 06, 06:07 PM

Some people just don't know how to plan properly, do they? We all know when Christmas is, it's always in the same place in the calender. So how come there's all these late entries into the race for the Christmas No.1? Could it be they're relying on first-week sales alone to get their song up to the top spot? It COULD? Well! How very cynical we all are...

Anyway, according to sources close to the music biz, there's a grand total of seven new songs in the shops as of today, and an extra one joining them as of Wednesday...


  ALL ANGELS   'ANGELS' Review Website
  McFLY   'SORRY'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH' Review Website

And the eighth is the offical CD release of 'A Moment Like This' by Leona (she won the X-Factor, donchaknow). Which gives her officially even LESS time to make her way up the charts than everyone else. Bet she hasn't even STARTED her Christmas card list either...

And she's not even the worst. This lot haven't even bothered to get their records in the shops before Christmas Day. That's just plain tardy, in my book.

December 25th
Big Bass Vs. Michelle Narine - 'What You Do (Playing With Stones)'
Billy Budd - 'Pompey Soul Blue Army Anthem'
David Gilmour - 'Arnold Layne'
Good Shoes - 'The Photos On My Wall'
Iron Maiden - 'Different World'
Kill City Defectors - 'Messed Up'
Sharam - 'PATT (Party All The Time)'

And here's what's coming up in January, exciting, isn't it?

January 1st
Eric Prydz Vs. Floyd - 'Proper Education'
Nerina Pallot - 'Learning To Breathe'
Soul Seekerz - 'Party For The Weekend'
Sunfreakz Ft Andrea Britton - 'Counting Down The Days'
U2 - 'Window In The Skies'

January 8th
Amy Winehouse - 'You Know I'm No Good'
The Automatic - 'Raoul'
Ben Macklin Ft Tiger Lily - 'Feel Together'
Cooper Temple Clause - 'Waiting Game'
Director - 'Leave It To Me'
DJ Shadow - 'This Time'
Evanescence - 'Lithium'
Freemasons - 'Rain Down Love'
The Game - 'Let's Ride'
Grinderman - 'Get It On' (7")
Hedrons - 'Heatseeker'
Hundred Reasons - 'The Chance'
Jarvis Cocker - 'Don't Let Him Waste Your Time'
Kelis Ft Cee-Lo - 'Lil' Star'
Jakazid Ft Barry Scott - 'Cillit Bang'
JoJo - 'Too Little Too Late'
Pet - 'Cloud 9'
Switches - 'Snakes & Ladders'
Thirteen Senses - 'All The Love In Your Hands'

January 15th
10 Sui Ft La Resistance - 'Bring Forth Ya Booty'
Bromheads Jacket - 'Lesley Parlafitt'
Cascada - 'Miracle'
Childballads - 'Cheekbones'
Client - 'Zerox Machine' (7")
D'Jaimin Ft Crystal Re-Clear - 'Give You'
Field Music - 'A House Is Not A Home' (7")
Goldenhorse - 'Maybe Tomorrow'
Guillemots - 'Annie, Let's Not Wait'
Husky Rescue - 'Nightless Night'
Jamie T - 'Calm Down Dearest'
Joan As Police Woman - 'Ride'
Just Jack - 'Starz In Their Eyes'
Larrikin Love - 'Well, Love Does Furnish A Life'
Little Barrie - 'Love You'
Lucky Soul - 'Ain't Never Been Cool' (7")
Luke Toms - 'Fools With Money' (EP)
Meat Loaf - 'Blind As A Bat'
Mr Skillz & His Crazy Girls - 'I Know U Like Me'
Nigel Clark - '21st Century Man'
Ordinary Boys - 'I Luv You'
Pop Levi - 'Sugar Assault Me Now'
Procession - 'Don't Let Go / Don't Hesistate' (7")
Vanessa Hudgens - 'Come Back To Me'
The View - 'Same Jeans'
Voltage Union - 'On Your Marks' (7")
Webstar & Young B Ft The Voice Of Harlem - 'Chicken Noodle Soup'

January 22nd
Amanda Ghost and Boy George - 'Time Machine'
Animal Collective - 'People' (EP)
Bonnie Prince Billy - 'Lay And Love'
Energies - 'Life Begins'
Findlay Brown - 'Come Home'
Fionn Regan - 'Be Good Or Be Gone' (7")
Freshly Ground - 'Doo Be Doo'
Jibbs - 'Chain Hang Low'
Keane - 'A Bad Dream'
Klaxons - 'Golden Skans'
Kristen Hersh - 'In Shock'
Lady Sovereign - 'Love Me Or Hate Me'
Little Man Tate - 'Sexy In Latin'
Mason Vs. Princess - 'Superstar Perfect (Exceeder)'
My Chemical Romance - 'Famous Last Words'
Nas Ft Will.I.Am - 'Hip Hop Is Dead'
Protokoll - 'Paradoxon'
Towers Of London - 'I'm A Rat'

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  1. At 02:52 PM on 27 Dec 2006, Bob Jenkins wrote:

    Reading your blog stuff earlier, I noticed that you made a comment on artistes who "hadn't bothered" to get their records in the shops before Christmas and included "Pompey Soul" by Billy Budd in the list of "offenders.

    As the distributor of this CD, I have to reply to that, by saying that the CD is indeed in a lot of small shops in and around Portsmouth, but the larger chains of recognised record outlets have been the "tardy" ones.

    ASDA stores promised to get it all listed and in their 5 local stores by Christmas, but that hasn't happened, although I'm assured it will be sorted during the first few days of the New Year and the likes of Virgin and Woolworths have been murder to try to deal with - not reurning calls, voice mails, e-mails, etc, despite various promises.

    As a result, we have had to rely on the minor outlets, plus HMV in the centre of the city (who have been selling it at £2 over our RRP anyway), but I'm happy to report that, despite this, the single has sold around 4,000 copies in December so far.

    It's also available via the Pompey Soul website ( as a mail order, a download, or a combination of both and via e-bay, as a mail order CD item. Both sources have generated healthy sales, by the way.

    Hopefully, the New Year will see all the remaining problems resolved and this happy little song - which I describe as "Chas and Dave meet Dexy's Midnight Runners, with a dollop of Quo chucked on the end for good measure", will receive the exposure it deserves.

    happy New Year - Play Up Pompey!

    [I stand corrected. The people behind the Billy Budd record are in NO WAY tardy in their efforts to try and secure a Christmas No.1, OK? Excellent use of the word 'dollop' there too. Top marks! - Fraser]

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