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Jamelia - 'Beware Of The Dog'

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Fraser McAlpine | 09:25 UK time, Sunday, 3 December 2006

JameliaHere's the thing: modern pop music is short of genuinely brilliant, original ideas. So, if you can't be the one who does something the first, you have to be the one who does something the best. Sampling an '80s track is nothing new (and we thought Rihanna was going to be hard to beat), but actually making it better - now that's inspired.

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Jam samples Depeche Mode's famous 'Personal Jesus' riff, but the addition of insistent drums and a massively catchy chorus managed to turn this from just another mash-up into a completely awesome track in its own right. The lyrical nod to the original ("you'd better reach out and touch me") is a nice, respectful, er, touch as well.

We don't want to hyperbolise or anything, but THIS IS THE BEST POP SONG OF THE YEAR. Simple as that.

5 StarsReleased: December 4th

(Steve Perkins)


  1. At 10:29 PM on 05 Dec 2006, Joanne Williams wrote:

    Lilley A is soooooo stupid. She was very rude to you on "Buzcocks". Very mean spirited messed up little girl. Let me know which song your daughter liked (without swearwords) my daughter is going to record a version and send it to your little daughter. xxx

  2. At 08:13 AM on 17 Apr 2007, Peter Knight wrote:

    Which is the track Jamelia is sampling on "No More" - another from the 80s?

    [It's from 'Golden Brown', by the Stranglers. *Pushes glasses up nose* - Fraser]

  3. At 11:24 AM on 11 Aug 2007, Simon Buena wrote:

    I do not understand the British public AT ALL. For instance, Rihanna, Timbaland, Nelly F, Britney, Christina all get to number one without any trouble whatsoever. Yet we - we who are (proud?) to be British, let a hugely talented and beautiful singer like Jamelia barely scrape the top ten with her latest material. Actually, scrap that, you kept her latest release out of the Top 40 altogether. Jamelia isn't proud, prejudiced or in any way shape or form a money-loving and attention-seeking diva - e.g... she appeared on an ITV gameshow, talks about nappy changing on the Paul O'Grady Show and laughs at herself easily. Okay, her first album was a huge success, but where were all you supposed 'fans' for her latest album? Two first great releases missed the Top 5 completely, the album barely spent a month in the Top 40 and now Jamelia has left her record label whilst Rihanna bathes in the glory of having the longest running number one since 1994. Ha. I'll give you two guesses at which one, Rihanna or Jamelia, can actually belt out a song with emotion and power - and her name doesn't begin with an R.

  4. At 12:36 PM on 11 Aug 2007, Kat wrote:

    Unfortunately a voice with power is nothing if it isn't instantly distinctive. The thing with singers is that unless they have a very distinctive voice or some major songwriting talent they're interchangeable. They'll sit on the charts for a while and then it'll be some more new faces. Jamelia's Beware of The Dog, although good could just as easily be sung by Girls Aloud or whoever. Rihanna, as much as she may not be as powerful a singer, has got a voice you can recognise a mile away.. the minute you hear her new song on the radio you know that it's her. Same with Christina and a bunch of the others.

  5. At 10:43 AM on 12 Aug 2007, Simon Buena wrote:

    That's a good point. It just annoys me how Girls Aloud etc. can top the charts when at least three of them can't sing to save their lives whilst Jamelia, although famous in the UK, only has moderate success. I suppose it's just opinions at the end of the day - but I'd choose someone who can sing over the usual 'R&B' females anyday.

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